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Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
02 Mar 2010 6:28 pm
Sweet work. I like it.
High Tech
Reviewer: deichtine (Anonymous)
27 Oct 2006 12:42 am
As a resident of Regina, Saskatchewan, I have to agree with Rodney!!! ha ha ha But all kidding aside, very well done story. Highlights the change in Rodney over the course of the series very well.

Author's Response: Thanks!
High Tech
Reviewer: Soledad (Anonymous)
26 Apr 2006 3:29 pm
Very interesting story. You brought forth Simmons' ultimate creepiness convincingly.

Author's Response: Simmons was incredibly creepy. Thanks!
High Tech
Reviewer: Purpleyin (Anonymous)
14 Jun 2005 5:57 pm
I like it. Have never seen a pre-48 hours story before and it's refreshing to see McKay interacting with Simmons, explaining how things worked out to how they were. Thanks for writing this, it's interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks! It was something a little different, set in the pre-SGC timeframe; I'd been wondering why Rodney was so desperate in that ep, and this was eventually what decided to spill out. I'm glad you liked it.
High Tech