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Reviewer: beatriz (Anonymous)
08 Nov 2005 12:51 pm
very taylor, simple, and moving.

Author's Response: Thank you!
Strength for Fear
Reviewer: Rotem Shahar (Signed)
24 Jan 2005 4:30 am
I loved this story. I loved seeing Telya's thoughts on the game and what it meant. Beautiful!

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't remember how the idea came to me, I just remember thinking that a simple game of "hide and seek" would take on a whole new meaning on a world where it might save your life. Glad I was able to communicate that successfully. :-)
Strength for Fear
Reviewer: smurf (Anonymous)
06 Dec 2004 2:52 am
Good follow up story. I liked how you used the game the kids play, it made sense to show how the Athosian have been changed by the Earthlings. And the theme of strength was very appropriate.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I have two more that I want to do eventually, it's just a matter of finding the inspiration. :-) Although it was the response to the first one that inspired the second, so who knows! :-)
Strength for Fear
Reviewer: smurf (Anonymous)
06 Dec 2004 2:44 am
Nicely done. You have Teyla's voice down. I liked her take on those from Earth, she does have something to teach them. And it all made good sense and tied well into life in the Pegasus galaxy.

Author's Response: Thank you. I may be in a minority, but I actually miss the rest of the Athosians. *grin* So, since the show wasn't exploring their culture more, I decided to do it myself. Glad it worked for people! :-)
Beauty for Ashes
Reviewer: mandy (Anonymous)
27 Nov 2004 8:46 am
Very well written! I love stories that look at the main characters from an 'outsiders' viewpoint. The Earth folks probably appear both advanced and naive to the Athosians. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope we eventually get to see more of the Athosian culture on-screen, but until then I'll just keep trying to fill in the gaps myself. ;-)
Beauty for Ashes
Reviewer: alyse (Signed)
25 Nov 2004 8:23 pm
Oh, I really liked this one. I liked the insight into Teyla, and the fact that the whole piece sounds like her 'voice', and I like the view of the Earth people through her eyes. It's a fascinating dynamic, and explains why the Athosians were so keen to throw their lot in with the Atlantis crew.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was really disappointed when the rest of the Athosians kinda disappeared after "Suspicion" when there was so much more I wanted to know about them and their culture, so I kinda decided to write it myself. ;-) Glad it's working for other people too! :-)
Strength for Fear
Reviewer: Sheron (Anonymous)
24 Nov 2004 6:44 am
First of all that was just lovely. I don't know if you intended this, but it drew a parallel for me for how often in sci-fi it's the earth people who find themselves wearing unique clothing whereas the 'advanced aliens' wear plain gray suits and such. So a role-reversal was very intriguing. Nice :) However, I don't really understand these lines: [They never learned ... That there is beauty even in death, if you have time to prepare and accept your fate instead of having your life torn from you. She cannot remember the last time one of her people died of old age.] Do Teyla's people have time to prepare or don't they? That they don't die of old age would seem to imply that they, rather than the Earth people, get the life torn out of them. So it would seem that it's the Earth people who have time to accept their fate instead...? Together those sentences seem to contradict each other. Other than this detail, well done -- thank you!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! :-) And actually, the contradiction was somewhat intentional--it's intended to imply that it's *because* the Athosians don't usually have the time to prepare for death that they realize how precious it is. That the people from Earth don't appreciate time because they don't really understand how short it can be. :-) Hope that helps! :-)
Beauty for Ashes
Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
11 Nov 2004 12:22 am
That was absolutely lovely. I think your take on Teyla's character is perfect. Leah

Author's Response: Thank you! :-) I'm really fascinated with the Athosian culture and the little glimpses of it we've seen, so I hope one day to do more with this. But in the meantime, I'm glad folks are enjoying it! :-)
Beauty for Ashes
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