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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
24 Oct 2005 6:02 am
*snicker* Scratch-n-sniff service... HOWL!!! I know the last time I tried to nuzzle my husband's armpit, he convulsed and howled with laughter... he waws WAY too ticklish for me to be able to do that. LOL!!! Nice to know Im not the only one weird enough to like sniffing my lover's armpits. ;) ----}-@ Krys
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Reviewer: Aurore (Anonymous)
03 Oct 2005 5:23 pm
That was incredible. I feel all warm and content inside and not really in a sexual way. I think you understand what I mean :-)
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Reviewer: Mary (Anonymous)
10 Jun 2005 8:12 am
Wow - I liked that. Oddly touching and deliciously paced. More, please.
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