Reviews For Scars

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Reviewer: Amanda Beckett (Signed)
29 Jan 2008 9:50 am
I have scars! Anyway, whats the 'r' in 'jr' stand for, no wait I think I got it, does it stand for 'johnrodney'? if not ignore my comment :P
Reviewer: Tarlan (Signed)
08 Jul 2005 1:53 pm
Lovely character piece. Loved how Rodney was so uptight about his scars, and how John reassured him :-)

Author's Response: I figured Rodney would be a bit like that, just a tad worried about them compared to John. Thank you.
Reviewer: Neo Getz (Anonymous)
30 Jun 2005 3:07 pm
awwww. What happened to him for the one accross his face? Poor rodney. least he's got sheppard. I love the jr scar idea thats sweet. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm actually contemplating writing a bit more about that particular scar. :)
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
30 Jun 2005 12:28 pm
Poor Rodney :(. I'm glad John's there to tell him he's perfect on a regular basis :). Loved the idea of matching 'jr' marks :). And imagining Elizabeth's reaction was amusing *g*. Laura.

Author's Response: *g* Thanks. The jr marks, I have to credit, were an idea my cousin tossed at me. I'm glad that they were liked.
Reviewer: Mandeep (Anonymous)
29 Jun 2005 9:23 pm
Perfect in every way. Mand

Author's Response: Thank you, Mand!