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Reviewer: tiki_92090 (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 8:35 am

too funny, i couldn't stop laughing, and I'm in a Library for cryin' out loud!

omg, that was hilarious.

guh jack and daniel & john and rodney.

thanks for writing.
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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
30 Oct 2007 11:34 pm
That was funny! I loved John's retort about Rodney talking about Jack's hands. I also like Jack's sudden desire to find Daniel after John's smile. Very cute. :-)
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Reviewer: Linda (Anonymous)
09 Oct 2006 10:23 am
Oh, that was so fun. And Jack gets a good surprise.
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Reviewer: Ariana (Anonymous)
09 Oct 2006 5:22 am
*snicker* seriously LMAO!!
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Reviewer: Lish (Anonymous)
09 Oct 2006 3:42 am
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Reviewer: Juniper Holly (Anonymous)
18 May 2006 1:25 pm
That was too funny! I was laughing out loud through the entire story. Oh, and thanks for mentioning Stitch and Bitch. Spread the word! :)

Author's Response: *grin* Glad you enjoyed the story :D And the Stitch and Bitch just seemed so very Jack ;)
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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
24 Feb 2006 4:51 pm
*snckersnortchortleguffaw* Dunno how I missed reading this one! ROTFL ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: *grin*
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Reviewer: A Cat Called McKay (Signed)
08 Feb 2006 6:20 am
Hey nice story I liked it alot

Author's Response: Thanks!
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Reviewer: Keikokin (Anonymous)
13 Dec 2005 7:41 pm
Very nice capturing of all the characters, especially Jack. *can picture Daniel's surprise*

Author's Response: *g* *can picture Daniel's surprise as Jack pounces on him in his office* ;)
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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
01 Jul 2005 8:03 pm
Oh, this is all so very *Jack* :D. Though I particularly liked the line about several more corridors taking even more of his life. Definitely the way Jack would think about walking ;). And poor John and Rodney...such a poor cover up *g*. Laura.

Author's Response: Jack is one of those people who can quite easily take over a story. (Or a brain *grin*) He is far too much fun to write :-D
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Reviewer: Jo (Anonymous)
01 Jul 2005 7:06 pm
Yay! I love Earth McShep fic. And this was so much fun. And well written. Keep it coming.

Author's Response: I like the thought of them back on Earth, as well. And Jack is just too much fun to write :-D
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Reviewer: shootingsilverstarlight (Signed)
01 Jul 2005 9:38 am
*collapses into hysterical giggles* Man, that was funny! God epople are lokign at me wierdly cos im laughing so hard. DOnt care tho. THis was brilliant and deserves all praise!

Author's Response: *grin* Thank you :-D
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Reviewer: Bunny (Anonymous)
01 Jul 2005 5:36 am
Aww, all of my OTPs in one place! And Rodney and Zelenka are brillant like Daniel. Awesome.

Author's Response: It one of the 'everyone's gay, yay!' universes. Because they are the fun ones to write in :-D
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