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Reviewer: Port of Seas (Signed)
27 Jul 2006 2:56 pm
That was a really enjoyable fic. It seemed to jump around from plot to plot to plot while still remaining loosely related. Which was great because (hypothetically speaking) if Atlantis was a real expedition doing this stuff, it's likely that things would relate like that. I do wish you could have gone into more detail about the village of children. A lot of them just seemed to shake it off too easily. But I love Carson's theory about cloning and the fact that we are not the only bloody country in the world NOT on the metric system. Keep up the good word, Port of Seas
Better the Devil you Know
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
06 Jul 2005 11:28 pm
Well this was certainly exciting. First we get the distress of the team finding the babies, then the explosion and resultant infirmary time- I loved how John got into Carson's bad books and then told on Rodney to get into his good books again :). Next John gets himself not-electrocuted, which gave us some splendid sarcasm from he and Rodney with all the zap tests, and poor Carson having to deal with the pair of them arguing...he deserves a medal *g*. The whole Wraith thing was very interesting; why were they fighting each other? Carson's cloning idea sounded plausible. And the showdown between John and Fred was very good. And yay, no more zapping :). Laura.
Better the Devil you Know