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Reviewer: sazz (Anonymous)
04 Oct 2005 2:03 am
This was very powerful and heartbreaking, and I'm finding myself still thinking about this story a day after reading it. I've always wondered why John seemed so very much alone in the world in that scene in the pilot where he was contemplating whether or not to go on the Atlantis mission, and your story was an excellent possible reason for his solitude. I, too, would very much like to see John's falling out with his father from John's own perspective. His shock and sense of betrayal must have been terrifying and overwhelming, especially for a boy not yet out of his teens and who had just lost his mother. What did he do once he'd left home? Where did he go? I hope he had at least one person to turn to, but if not, he was likely resilient enough to find his own way. I would also imagine that John's relationship with his father had to have always been very strained for Jeremy to lash out at his oldest son in such a harsh and hateful manner. Grief sometimes brings forth emotions that have long been held at bay, and this to me, signified that Jeremy had a great deal of resentment and anger toward his son, stemming long before his wife's demise. You showed very well how Jeremy disliked John's independent, rebellious streak and how he seemed unable to relate to his son, at all, but how long had he felt this way? When did the tide shift, or was it always so? He seemed to even envy John in some ways - for his stoicism, his mother's supposed favoritism towards him, his strength and ability to cope even when Jeremy was falling apart. What was shocking is how this resentment bubbled over to the point where Jeremy pushed his son so far away, he knew he'd never be able to repair the damage, nor did it seem that he ever wanted to. Anyway, rambling here, but excellent job on crafting a very thought-provoking story, and I would love to see you continue this series and tie in with your other wonderful story, 'Prodigal Son.' Maybe John somehow finds out his father is looking for him? (subtle hint... bats eyelashes) This would undoubtedly cause some reflection of his own and offer some insight into what had to have been a difficult childhood, and which shaped the strong, capable man John became.
Sticks and Stones
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
07 Jul 2005 12:50 am
*blinks* ::is speechless::. Wow, you've really illustrated the effects grief can have on people. Poor John :(. His dad really said some awful things to him, and I know he was devastated himself, but it's still a terrible thing for him to have done. Reading between the lines (and I may be wrong), but it seems that John was holding everything together because Jeremy wasn't- with the obsessive cleaning and such, so it's even worse for his dad to turn round and be angry because John hasn't cried. And it's hardly John's fault that he resembles his mother so much. I love the way it ties into your previous fic and the backstory in that now makes more sense. I'd love it if you could do a third fic in this series, looking at our John dealing with his past in some way. We've seen how the rift affected Jeremy, so it would be nice to see it from John's perspective. ::eyes you with puppy dog eyes:: Laura.
Sticks and Stones