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Reviewer: Rhiannon (Anonymous)
29 Aug 2006 5:52 am
Argh!! You know how you always tell yourself not to read uncompleted stories, because you know you're just gonna want to throw something at the computer at the end? Well, I'm just a glutton for punishment, dammit. Please, keep going!!!!
Reviewer: Joe (Anonymous)
17 Jul 2006 7:11 pm
Awww Shucks! Your not finished are you? This is such a cliff hanger! But a good one. When is the next chapter coming?

Author's Response: Dont worry. im not finished. i got lazy, then distracted, the lazy a little more. But I am trying to get the next chapter up. Promise. Hopefully it will be up soon
Reviewer: Casey (Anonymous)
17 Jul 2006 6:48 pm
You've got me hooked! this is a great story. Where is the rest???????? I'm going crazy here!

Author's Response: Im sorry its taking so long! Honest. Im jusy having a hard time getting the next chapter up. But I am trying. *kicks writers block*
Reviewer: Saten's Misstriss (Anonymous)
02 May 2006 11:46 am
OMG!!!!!! this is top I hope you update soon ilove this story

Author's Response: Thanks! Im trying to get teh next chapter written, but Im suffering from a terminal case of writers block for this story. Im trying though. Does that ge tme points? ;o)
Past Imperfect
Reviewer: sorka (Anonymous)
26 Feb 2006 4:03 pm
This is really getting interesting. I'm looking forward to the next part. Please write more soon.

Author's Response: Thank you hon. Ill try to get more out soon. Promise. GLad you likes it so far
Reviewer: Luatiki (Anonymous)
05 Feb 2006 9:06 pm
mmmm...I love this, more please!

Author's Response: More coming soon. In fact, im watching some season one to get me motivated right now
Reviewer: trigger (Anonymous)
05 Feb 2006 7:44 pm
Hey, I love how this story is going. Good pacing, overall, so I wouldn't worry about a chapter being "slow." Too many writers rush things and leave out all the background scenes that really flesh out a story. I only had one question: "bags"? I have no clue what that little bit was about. Overall, though, I'm loving this and hope you'll continue soon (maybe during lunch break at work? or when the boss is away, like I do :-)

Author's Response: 'Bags' is kind of like claiming something, or calling it. When I was younger, I used to say to my sister "Bags front seat of the car.' Its the same as calling it i suppose. Its probably just an Irish thing. Thank you gor what you said. I was worried that people would find it too slow. Im going to try and get the next chapter up really soon, k?
Reviewer: Reona (Signed)
02 Feb 2006 5:11 pm
Please, please, please continue! I want to know what happens! Will Jason end up harming Rodney with his obsession over his ex? How will Sheppard handle what could possibly be a new player for Rodney? Update!

Author's Response: I know Its been a while ince I updated, but I promise to work in the next chapter. I thin youll enhjoy whats coming up in the next few chapters
Reviewer: Tracy (Anonymous)
10 Jan 2006 2:51 am
It's good, but you're not going to have Jason and Rodney get back together are you, because the guy's a jerk!

Author's Response: Well, they do make a cute couple in my head.... and they have all that history.... Guess youll just have to wait and see. and yes, I PROMISE to get a chapter up soon
Reviewer: (Anonymous)
05 Jan 2006 4:24 am
Are you still updating this? I'm quite hooked on the story now!

Author's Response: Hiya. I am still working on this, but I got anew job and dont have the free time that i sued too. Plus, im all distracted by the wonderful fics of other writers ;o) But I promise to get some more out by the end of January, ok?
Reviewer: Shaddow (Anonymous)
05 Jan 2006 3:42 am
Why ISN"T THERE MORE?!?!?!!!!!

Author's Response: There isnt more cos I got a new job thats taking up alot of my time, and I got lazy. But i PROMISE to get the next chapter out by the end of January. Deal?
Reviewer: Emely Raines (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2005 5:42 am
I love this story. I do like Jason but I'm currently growling at him. I hope you have more up your sleeve.
Reviewer: Marie (Anonymous)
14 Sep 2005 10:10 am
Lots of lovely chapters to catch up on. I really like this story. I love the idea of Jason coming back into Rodney's life and thinking that he can just take up where he left off, he's got a cheek thinking that Rodney wouldn't have moved on by now. I have little sympathy for Jason. However brief it turned out to be, he made his choice back then and devastated poor Rodney in the process, but I do like the idea of him creating some problems between Rodney and John (providing it's only temporary) a little bit of angst goes a long way. *g* I like the sound of Jason's friends and I am intrigued by the idea that they are investigating Cheyenne Mountain. Loved the coffee scene between Rodney and Lieutenant Kent, so good to see this side of Rodney, he can be a sweetheart when he wants to be. So much happening in your story, I love that. Good plot with suspense, drama, passion and McShep, who could ask for more?

Author's Response: Oh wow. Thank you so much for saying those lovely things. *hugs* I'm a big fan of angst also, especially John angst. He makes for good angst. And as for Jason causing problms, well then, youll just have to wait and see how much he fucks things up for the boys. Thank you again for all your wonderful comments
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
13 Sep 2005 10:52 pm
Ok, firstly? I didn't find this chapter to be too slow at all, I actually thought quite a bit happened. I love dthe little John/Rodney scene at the beginning, especially John deciding never to let Rodney know that he was disoriented too *g*. And I'm glad John's told Rodney that he trusts him but not Jason. It's good that that's out in the open between them and didn't cause any disruption. I liked the bits with the news guys- they gave us a bit more insight into the characters and I get the distinct impression that they don't give up easily; they also gave us the dramatic point of them seeing Rodney and telling Jason. I can't wait to see how this will play out. Will Jason put Rodney first this time, or will he try to use his knowledge of Rodney to get information out of him? I can't decide which scenario appeals more, both have the possibility for hurt!Rodney and protective!John, which yay *g*. Finally, I loved the coffee moment between Rodney and Kent, it was a nice glimpse of the real Rodney that's usually hidden under the gruff snark. Well, as always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Laura ::who is getting comfortable in our back pocket *vbg*::

Author's Response: Wow, you really liked it, dodnt you? Thank you for all your kind comments and wonderful support. I'm not going to spoil anything by saying which one Jason chooses, but I promise you plenty of angst ahead. *hugs* Thanks for the review
Reviewer: Texan Elf (Anonymous)
13 Sep 2005 12:27 pm
I liked this chapter. Esp., the McKay/guard coffee moment and the observation of Rodney by Dec and the other news guy. Snappy dialogue.

Author's Response: Thanks. I thought that'd be funny. Im glad it worked out well.
Reviewer: mksmithie (Anonymous)
13 Sep 2005 6:25 am
Woops! Just read my review and wanted to edit it! When I said I understood why you weren't happy with the chapter, I didn't mean because it was a bad chapter, but that I've been unhappy with my writing at times, too. Trying to get through some needed information to get to the next chapter that I can see so clearly in my head drives me crazy. I think all writers can relate to that. So, I just wanted to tell you that I'm really enjoying this story and I think you've done a great job. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: It's ok. I didnt take offense. I know what you mean. I nearly hit my head against the wall trying to get this chapter to work. Thanks for your kind comments
Reviewer: mksmithie (Anonymous)
13 Sep 2005 6:17 am
This is a good chapter, definitely necessary to move the story along. I understanding what you're saying about not being happy with it. I don't think it has anything to do with your writing, but the place you're at in the story. When you're writing long form you need these "bridge" chapters to get to the next juicy bit. They tend to be the hardest to write, but they are the most rewarding to the reader. Otherwise they're just reading a string of events. Try revisiting it in a week or two to do a second pass if you're so inclined - that may help you like it better. But I think it's great and I can't wait to read the next installment!
Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
13 Sep 2005 4:11 am
That was great, love a jealous John. And Rodney has weaknesses of the bleeding heart kind? More.
Reviewer: gorgon (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2005 5:58 am
Ah! Good chapter! Must have John take Jason down a notch- can't wait for more! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Thgatll come in a few chapters
Reviewer: Neo Getz (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2005 12:46 am
can i beta for some story of ures after this 1? i've always wanted to b a beta n ure my fave writer thnx for the reply :) i love getting a response.

Author's Response: Sure. Im writing a PWP for jaded_heroine next week if you want to beta that. Email me.