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Reviewer: parisindy (Anonymous)
17 Mar 2006 6:25 am
ha! that was great!
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
26 Oct 2005 6:48 am
Heh, very cool story. And Rodney was right! Sunburn can be a wicked pisser... *snicker* ----}-@ Krys
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
01 Aug 2005 1:24 am
Our poor intrepid heroes. To think this could have been avoided simply by swapping left and right in the search for the intercom :(. How is it that John can memorise where torches are kept, but not which side of the door he wants? At least they're both on the mend now. I liked the epilogue, being a slasher and all :). Laura.

Author's Response: Dang you spotted some of the remaining plot holes!! LOL! I took liberties with things left right and centre in this fic, I tried to make it as plausible as I could but I did allow some details to get through *hangs head in shame* for the sake of the story. If they had found the intercoms this would have been over so much quicker and far less groping would have taken place, and well I couldn't have that! ;-) I'm really glad you liked the epilogue :-) I've never written anything vaguely slashy before but the epilogue was just begging to be written. *G*
Reviewer: fenris_wolf0 (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2005 8:07 pm
This was fun and I liked the fact that it addressed how they cannot have survived their flight so close to a star totally unscathed (in fact the level of radiation was such they should be dead or at the very least dying. Not to mention sterile). Even watching the episode I wondered about their apparently being able to nearly stare at the sun (when you consider how careful we are told to be looking at solar eclipses all the way from Earth!) Plus it ended up being a boys' own adventure which is so them!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it : ) Staring at the sun was something that struck me during the episode too, given the number of times I've looked at the sun and then walked around for hours afterwards with strange blobs floating in my vision, it seemed so odd that they returned unscathed apart from sunburn. With all the radiation they've been exposed to recently from all the nukes and now the sun it really makes you wonder how they remain unscathed every time.
The Dead Of Night
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2005 5:24 pm
Well that was quite the adventure LOL :D Glad the boys are gonna be ok!
The Dead Of Night
Reviewer: mandy (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2005 11:04 am
Thanks for writing this story. Now I know I'm not the only one wondering how Sheppard and McKay could've flown at the sun without sunglasses and still have been fine. Good story.
The Dead Of Night