Reviews For Ramus

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Reviewer: Nae (Anonymous)
09 May 2007 6:27 am
I just found this story, and I loved it. I was reading the reviews and you mentioned that you were writing a sequel. Are you still working on it? Because this story is too lovely to leave here like this for long. And oh man Beckett! I need an explanation.
Reviewer: Ozymandias (Signed)
14 Nov 2006 8:47 pm
This was totally awesome and not at all what I expected. I am very much looking forward to the sequel. Thanks for the great read!
Reviewer: Deadra (Anonymous)
30 May 2006 8:10 pm
Wow - this is great!! But where is the ending? Please, please, please, give us a sequel - you can't leave the situation unresolved like this.

Author's Response: Oh yes I can! *strikes pantomime villain pose* Oh all right, I can't... The sequel is sadly still in the works, though. I'm in the last year of my degree, and that's had to take precedence. But it's just a couple of weeks until I'm finished now! And then I'll get back to it.
Reviewer: jic (Anonymous)
27 May 2006 4:00 pm
Every time I reread this my thirst for a sequel is renewed. Poor John! Well-done with him.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm particularly glad you liked my John - he can be tricky to pin down, so it's always gratifying when someone thinks you've got it right. The sequel is still being written, promise! Wrapping up my degree has taken precedence over the last, well, almost year, but the end is nigh now, and I'll get back on the sequel in the summer.
Reviewer: Luvmckay (Anonymous)
28 Mar 2006 11:38 am
Great! I love it- I love well done AU. Thank you. It really ended leaving me wanting more tho! :D

Author's Response: Thank you :) More is on the way... eventually! End of the summer, I think. I'm glad you enjoyed.
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
21 Oct 2005 3:27 am
Oh hell yeah, you need to continue this! You did a fantastic job of showing the alternate universe, and two thumbs way up on the characterizations! More soon? Please? ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Thank you :) I've been writing the sequel for some time now, but life has been pretty busy recently. It will arrive eventually, though.
Reviewer: stormy_mistress (Signed)
11 Oct 2005 6:34 am
wow this story was awesome!!! is there a sequel? if so i cant wait to read it

Author's Response: Hi, and thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. There is a sequel, but it's not finished yet. It could be some time in the coming, but it will definitely come.
Reviewer: Porthos (Anonymous)
04 Oct 2005 5:02 am
Gah! That can't be the end! You're planning a sequel, right? Right??

Author's Response: Lol, yes, a sequel is in the works. It won't be ready for a while, but it'll definitely come eventually.
Reviewer: SkyeLight2x1 (Anonymous)
24 Aug 2005 10:35 pm
Hey, I really like this story, but are you gonna write a sequel? It's obviously an open ending, and I'd really really like to see what happens next. I think it's brilliantly written, and definitely deserves to be completed. Skye (SkyeLight2x1)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I am writing the sequel, although I'm not sure when it'll be finished. Your compliments are much appreciated, though :)
Reviewer: jayel_fox (Anonymous)
12 Aug 2005 9:17 am
Wow, this is great. Poor confused Rodney! Just what is going on in the undercurrents between Carson and John? And what about AU Rodney and John? What kind of memories will they have? Please, do continue this.

Author's Response: Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed. It will indeed be continued, and you might even get answers to some of those questions ;)
Reviewer: nevynslash (Signed)
10 Aug 2005 6:42 am
Wow! This is such an original and creative idea. I really hope that you can manage to write a second part to this. I can't wait! Thanks for posting this. It was a pleasure to read. And hopefully everything ill work out so tht they aren't all mad at John anymore. Afterall, it was partly Rodney's fault... :D

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been having some trouble with the sequel, but finally it does seem to all be falling into place :)
Reviewer: voyuerer (Anonymous)
05 Aug 2005 9:10 am
Great story, can wait to see when Rodney remembers and what his reaction wull be.

Author's Response: No, me either *g* Thanks!
Reviewer: Susan (Anonymous)
04 Aug 2005 1:29 am
Just read the first review. John's POV would be awsome. Carson's would be excellent. Maybe just as he is observing what John is doing with Rod, real short.
Reviewer: Susan (Anonymous)
04 Aug 2005 1:26 am
Oh, man SEQUAL!!!!! This a GREAT fic. I can't wait until the next story. I love that cliff hanger. I seriously enjoyed the background info on McKay's habits as the story progresses. It was also done very well; some of those squeezed in details can make the story confusing. Towards the middle, I started to hope for a "Pretty Woman" story where Rodney picked someone up (John) and payed them for sex. What a position John would have been in. Maybe the next fic could have them back in another reality with another great story line like that. I really enjoyed it. The scientific concepts in this story really made it all come together and become more real. Don't stop now!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm glad you enjoyed.
Reviewer: rayne (Anonymous)
03 Aug 2005 6:33 am
this is a really intriguing beginning. I hope there is more to follow...:) I can't wait to find out what's going to happen. thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
03 Aug 2005 2:46 am
I do love this story, but I thought you were going to add a part two? I have to admit I am disapointed at the idea that it ends here. The idea and the situation is so wonderful.

Author's Response: Give me a chance, hon! It is coming, just, slowly.
Reviewer: anarawells (Anonymous)
03 Aug 2005 12:09 am
Oh, my god ! That was great! I love taking the alternate reality story line in this direction. No quantum mirror, but being able to live/observe yourself in another reality really took the old dog and added a few more tricks. I really enjoyed the pace and dir of the Shep and Rodney intereaction, and love over protective Beckett. As a doctor you hit it right on the nail he would see it as taking advantage. Keep it up. I can and will beg repeatedly for more of this story. Please do not leave it unfinished. Thanks A.

Author's Response: *g* thanks, I certainly won't with threats like that ;)
Reviewer: Istar (Anonymous)
02 Aug 2005 7:56 pm
I'm fully expecting more...and soon! The quantum mirror interface is a very interesting plot device to facilitate this relationship. It's great so far! keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you :)
Reviewer: Lee Michelle (Anonymous)
02 Aug 2005 1:39 pm
Hey this is great and I'd really like to know if there's going to be a sequel to it. Theres some lovely little undercurrents to this story, it would be nice to see Carson's pov. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you :) There will indeed be a sequel, altho this will probably be from John's POV.