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Reviewer: jacobangel (Anonymous)
12 Aug 2006 1:52 am
so... feel like updating this anytime soon? Or should I just assume this has been abandonded? Cuz the latter would be a shame, I still wanna know what's going on. Please?
The Abyss
Reviewer: jacobangel (Anonymous)
31 May 2006 2:26 pm
This is really interesting. I look forward to reading more really soon. I'm not sure about the title dilemma though, I'm not really very good at them either. I'm sure something will jump out at you as your story progresses. And having a head full of men... wow that must grate sometimes. Especially when they all try to offer conflicting advice at once. Which I'm sure they would. Great job. I look forward to the next chapters.
The Abyss
Reviewer: beatrize (Anonymous)
04 Nov 2005 7:22 pm
hey, wheres the rest? I liked the Rodney McKay click in an look forward to reading more. the possibilities are endless.
Not New York.
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
30 Aug 2005 12:51 am
Title Suggestion: Comments from the Pegusus Gallery
Not New York.
Reviewer: Ari (Anonymous)
26 Aug 2005 10:44 am
Interesting idea, nice to see it's only a new story, hope you keep going.
Not New York.
Reviewer: Dr_Dredd (Signed)
16 Aug 2005 1:18 pm
Teaser, huh. Consider me teased -- and hooked! Hard to say about the title before I know where the story is going.
Reviewer: Susan (Anonymous)
16 Aug 2005 4:27 am
Wow. Weird. Title suggestion: It's a small world afterall