Reviews For What I See

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Reviewer: Anjirika (Anonymous)
19 Dec 2007 4:24 am
Totally amazing. Good Job.
The First Morning
Reviewer: Cincoflex (Anonymous)
10 Jun 2006 6:15 pm
Utterly lovely. Tria sent me the link to this story and I'm grateful she did. Just amazing.
Reviewer: Sheppards_girl (Signed)
21 Sep 2005 5:10 am
wow! That's really all I can say is... WOW! I loved this story! I was laughing all the way through it because I could just SEE the things you were writing! Although, even though it wouldn't have gone with the show... I would have liked to have seen... when they pulled them back out of the dart... John was in Weir! That would have been cool! Great job!!
Reviewer: LillieWescott (Signed)
30 Aug 2005 5:56 am
Whoa! First of all - VERY hot without being overtly pornographic. Nice job. Phew! Second, terrifically written. And I actually laughed out loud at "If you screw this up you're all fired!" I loved the characterizations of the two, you really captured them. Great job!
Reviewer: mariposa510 (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2005 8:03 am
I love the twist in characters...much more interesting! :-) Good fic!
The First Morning