Reviews For La Femme McKay

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Reviewer: missingw (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2010 4:00 am
rodney and radek competing to do household chores is hilarious!
Reviewer: missingw (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2010 2:19 am
*giggles* just the idea of mckay being a sweet little kitten inside...
Reviewer: Chris (Anonymous)
04 Apr 2008 7:55 am
I loved this story. I'm just disappointed that the link to notes/translations doesn't work.

Reviewer: Carter-McKay (Anonymous)
14 Nov 2007 12:28 pm
Still very much my favorite semi slash story. I have reread this three times now.

Though not perfectly in character it's a wonderful story. It makes me fall in love with Zelenka and I am normaly a Rodney kind of girl lol.
Poor John tho, he really did get the short stick.
Reviewer: Suzanne (Anonymous)
04 Mar 2007 5:53 am
Oh my goodness... this was so good.. I loved everything about it... Rodney and Radek were so good together... This was my first McKay/Zelenka fic to read and I think it was a nice introduction to this ship for me...:) Great Job on the story....
Reviewer: dc (Anonymous)
17 Sep 2006 3:19 am
This is so cute! I usually avoid gender-benders, but this one just did it for me. :) I think I'm going to declair Rodney/Radek my OTP.
Reviewer: Caro (Anonymous)
21 Aug 2006 7:31 pm
Just re-read this... again!! I'd be quite happy to curl up with Radek myself, he's so lovely!!!
Reviewer: Azar Darkstar (Signed)
14 Nov 2005 11:13 pm
I have to agree with the Sheppard and Radek assessment. While I did love Radek in this story, and he seemed in character... there was just something missing. I can't quite put my finger on what though. As for John, I can't help but feel bad for the guy. I would probably react the same way in his situation. Plus, Rodney's snipping and the reactions of everyone else weren't helping any. I did notice that much of the perception of John and Radek did seem to be more from Rodney's POV then from anyone else, but I guess this makes sense since he is the main character. On another note... I, too, would like to see a sequel or one in which Rodney stayed a woman. It would certainly be interesting. Also, the cleaning war was a nice touch, and something that I could picture with their characters. Teyla’s and Ford’s reactions to the different situations were also quite amusing. All in all, a really good read. Azar
Reviewer: Claudia (Anonymous)
30 Sep 2005 3:55 pm
Being brutally honest, in a general point of view I like this story, but I don't like certain parts. Radek, although is credible, seems too much of a jerk, and I don't think Rodney would betray Sheppard in the way he did (the whole 'Sheppard being scared of Radek' thing), and finally. Even if the end seemed nice and cozy, I not completely happy about it because I feel that Sheppard did nothing wrong (the whole situation was frustrating and complicated) but he was punished anyway. Sorry, but I needed to vent what I didn't like about this story, even if it's one of the best I've ever read about the subject of gender-bender.

Author's Response: Thanks for your honesty, Claudia. Personally, I agree with you on several points - I don't think Radek is the perfect, solid gold boyfriend, and I don't think Sheppard was the bad guy. To be perfectly blunt, I think Sheppard got shafted. Most of the story is seen through the filter of Rodney's issues and insecurities, however; it's less about Sheppard being genuinely untrustworthy, and more about Rodney's faulty perceptions. I'm glad you sympathized with Sheppard in this. Many readers didn't, and I myself feel rather badly for him. Kharessa
Reviewer: Tonia Barone (Signed)
24 Sep 2005 8:16 am
Got an itchin' t' read this again cause I absolutely LOVE Radek in this and how Rodney adapts to bein' female. I know I probably said this before, but I really wish you'd do a sequel. Or an alternate ending where Rodney stays female. He made a cute girl. possessive!Radek was just so sweet! And their little cleaning war! *sighs and smiles* Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece. Kinda rare that a piece is worth a second (or third) read and still remains new-ish and doesn't lose it's charm.
Reviewer: snaillady2 (Anonymous)
23 Aug 2005 2:04 pm
One of my favorite "long" fics! You write wonderfully--I'm already back to re-read some favorite chapters!
Reviewer: Puppet (Anonymous)
23 Aug 2005 9:47 am
This is one of the best slash fiction stories that hasn't envolved McShep. Well written all around and well worth the read. I hope this earns you a spot on the featured stories listing!
Reviewer: lilad (Signed)
23 Aug 2005 4:49 am
I really enjoyed this story. I would have liked a sex scence between the male Rodney and 'Zippy' but other than that this story is pefect.
Reviewer: Amalthia (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2005 6:35 pm
already wrote a review in your LJ but figured it doesn't hurt to say it twice. I love this story. :) thanks so much for sharing.