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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
14 Oct 2005 5:36 am
HOWL!!! ROTFLMFAO You ARE a dork, and I love you for it! *kicking weakly on floor* Oh, thank you so much for feeding my hockey addiction! *still giggling like a loon* You know, I really shouldn't stay up late reading fics when I have a temperature, huh? ;) Oh well, it makes me feel better! ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Oh, I'm learning to accept my nebbish roots, don't you worry. And heee, don't you know that 'fic is the cure for all that ails you? ;o)))) I'm glad you enjoyed yourself -- hope you feel better soon!
Hockey Night in Atlantis
Reviewer: Moonbeam's Predilections (Anonymous)
21 Sep 2005 11:56 pm
Ten to one says Sheppard is probably in the stands leading the audience in a round of "We Will Rock You". :D Can't you just hear it? *stomp, stomp, CLAP!* *stomp, stomp, CLAP!* Lovely, brilliant, and hilarious! Go Team CANADA! :D

Author's Response: *laughs* I definetly can NOW. And I had maybe ten seconds worth of consideration on whether Radek's team ought to win but then I realized that that would probably get me kicked out of my own country ;o)) I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Hockey Night in Atlantis
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
07 Sep 2005 12:46 am
I know absolutely nothing about hockey, but enjoyed this anyway simply for the fun everyone was having and the great character stuff, especially Rodney, John and Radek. Laura.

Author's Response: Wonderful! I'm so happy that it worked for you *despite* everything! *grins*
Hockey Night in Atlantis
Reviewer: 11nine73 (Signed)
30 Aug 2005 10:47 am
Oh this is brilliant! *loves* I have the biggest grin on my face now and I'm reccing it to all my Atlantis-loving friends *bg*

Author's Response: *beams* Thank you so much, that's the nicest thing you could've said!
Hockey Night in Atlantis
Reviewer: Cygnet (Anonymous)
30 Aug 2005 1:39 am
OMG! fangirls you madly. Rodney and a blow by blow account of a hockey game! I think i 've died and gone to heaven. great job on how Rodney was feeling and getting across the excitement of the game. Definitely one of my favorite Rodney stories.

Author's Response: *fangirls you back* I'll admit, I wasn't sure the world was ready for this degree of crackheadedness but I'm glad to hear that it worked for you. Yay!
Hockey Night in Atlantis
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