Reviews For Enough

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Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
27 Apr 2008 3:18 am
Not sure if I've reviewed this before, but I must say that it is an exceptional piece of work. I love, love, love the interactions between the three of them. It's simply perfect.
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
04 Nov 2007 4:14 am
OMG, I will have to say that is the first fic that I have ever read with Radek in it, let alone Radek in it with John and Rodney. All I have left to say is HOT!
Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
02 Aug 2006 7:50 pm
Delicious :)
Reviewer: Maria (Anonymous)
03 Dec 2005 1:18 am
Wow, i missed this chapter until now. So glad i discovered it though. Cos woah, hot. With underlying sweetness. And great interaction between the three of them *loves*
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
17 Nov 2005 10:26 pm
*snickersnort* God, a puppy-pile. *drool* Oh, wouldn't it be magnificent if Carson would be invited in once in a while? *drools even more* Rodney screaming in French, Radek moaning in Czech, Carson groaning in Gaelic, and John coming just from the sound of their voices... *VBEG* Yummy. So glad you'd continued this story... ----}-@ Krys
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
16 Nov 2005 11:01 pm
Okay, you've mentioned scenarios that I'd liked to see carried out. . .is there more? *eg*
Reviewer: Tonia Barone (Signed)
16 Nov 2005 12:18 pm
An excellent chapter. Funny and hot as hell. Thank you so much for this. I like this little 'verse you guys got goin'.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
16 Nov 2005 1:28 am
Well, there's not all that much to say here other than GUH!, *thud*, *OMGSOHOT* and *you melted my brain* ;). Excellent morning after. Glad to see Rodney's foolishness was nipped in the bud and he didn't get to run away. I'm glad Elizabeth was understanding too. Will there be more? John still hasn't had his turn with Rodney after all! *vbg*. Laura.
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
12 Oct 2005 5:39 am
*snicker* Tribunal Snarking. And sex. YAY! *chuckles* Well done, m'dear. ----}-@ Krys
Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
05 Sep 2005 11:52 pm
This was so hot and fun. Rodney hiding was fitting and I loved John dragging Radek around. Threesomes are so much fun to read.
Reviewer: Maria (Anonymous)
05 Sep 2005 5:15 pm
wow, a really sweet and really hot make up session for Trinity. I normally prefere McKay/Zelenka; but can see the wisdom of added John when it's this well written. :)
Reviewer: sunnyluvs (Anonymous)
05 Sep 2005 3:17 pm
Wheee!!!! This is such a great fic! I love McShepLenka!! OT3 ;D If you ever call me Fumbles McStupid again, I will tie you to a chair and make you watch John fuck me without letting you come!" This line is so perfect! *huggles* You rock. :D