Reviews For Out of Control

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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
23 Mar 2005 11:42 pm
This was an interesting concept. John really should learn not to sit in any more chairs though!!! I liked the fact that John was able to make Kellan realise that it would be wrong to force him to leave Atlantis. The ending was nice too- it showed the bond between the team without getting too sappy. Laura.
Reviewer: jd11 (Anonymous)
22 Mar 2005 11:00 pm
very interesting idea. I liked it. At first I wasn't so sure, but in the end I thought it was a very clever idea. Good job. Keep it up.
Reviewer: Azar (Signed)
11 Jan 2005 11:27 am
That was sweet. :-)
Reviewer: Sarah (Anonymous)
04 Jan 2005 5:04 pm
Brilliant!!! Two thumbs way up.