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Reviewer: The Schizophrenic Gatekeeper (Signed)
12 Dec 2007 10:27 pm
A really good and interesting story - it's good to read such an interesting examination of the ethics involved in these episodes.
Thanks for sharing :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Certainly there was so much that the show just glossed over.
Reviewer: Djinanna (Signed)
21 Oct 2005 5:27 am
I've really enjoyed this story (by which I include the companion story, Rabbi's Son) and it's discussion of medical ethics in the Atlantis universe. You've done a stellar job working within the constraints of canon, and I believe Steve is my favorite SGA 'verse original character. I especially enjoy the resonance back to the Wraith "Steve", which really added an extra dimension here, as Dr Steve kinda spoke for the Wraith as potential and unwilling experimental subjects. The touches of humor in the epilogue were very welcome, after the intensity of the main storyline (even if we "know" how it turns out, the change in perspective and Steve's struggle with his conscience and decision kinda resurrected the original suspense), and nicely chosen. John and Rodney planning "escape scenarios" and John playing prison songs on his guitar, both so believably in character and laugh-out-loud funny. And I'm glad Steve decided to stay and am looking forward to the continuation of Rabbi's Son.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind feedback. I hadn't actually thought about my use of the name Steve, but it does have that connotation, doesn't it? Glad you like Steve. He started as a one-shot character in Asclepius, mainly there to give Carson a hard time in his own infirmary. But even then, he had a mind of his own... :-)
Reviewer: misty4me (Anonymous)
07 Oct 2005 9:12 pm
I've been reading this story...okay, checking every day for new chapters if you want the truth....because it's just so good. This season has been a good one for Beckett's character but it's left a lot questions to explore. I really like what you're doing with it. I'm usually not much on OCs, but yours is just such a great mirror for seeing Carson.

Author's Response: Thanks! Steve Schwartz is my vehicle for the "man on the street" perspective. (Admittedly, a rather atypical man on the street!) Glad you're enjoying. One more chapter of Moral Compass, then I'll update Rabbi's Son.
Chapter Five
Reviewer: Miso no Tsuki (Signed)
20 Sep 2005 10:24 pm
Thank you so much for that. It's good to see someone thinking about the ethics of what's going on. This is *so* not addressed in the programme, and much as I adore Carson, I could'nt see the point of him taking the damn stuff with him to Ellia's world. And sorry, but it doesn't work that fast. We seem to have got lost in the technobabble here. I hope Steve changes his mind though, he seems a likeable guy. :)

Author's Response: As a physician myself, I sometimes cringe at Carson's sense of medical ethics (even though I otherwise adore the character). I think Steve will do the right thing, here. (I'm just not telling you what I think that is. ;-) )
Chapter Two
Reviewer: Azar (Signed)
19 Sep 2005 7:34 am
I like this. There's a real ethical issue with the retrovirus that *should* be explored and hopefully will be on the show as well. The Wraith aren't really *evil* in the strictest sense--they just need to eat and we just happen to be their only food source--so where do they draw the line between survival and genocide? I like that Atlantis is beginning to make the Wraith more three-dimensional as a species, and bring up these kind of questions in the process.

Author's Response: I like when TV shows make me think. That's why I always preferred DS9 to Star Trek Next Generation -- DS9 was more complex.
Chapter One