Reviews For Cursed

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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
10 Oct 2008 9:13 am
Great story but it made me want to rip out atlantis' circut boards, which i am hoping is what you were going for, i love your Rodney and sheppard, the characterization is wonderful. But i was physically aching for rodney and wanted to scream at atlantis that she wan't helping but hurting. would love to see a sequal
Reviewer: dearjoan (Signed)
26 Oct 2007 8:04 am
Your fic is so original! I love your concept of Atlantis trying to help McKay grieve the way she sees fit. It is so much like the Ancients themselves - seemingly having good intentions but at times off the mark. Excellent fic!
Reviewer: Tonia Barone (Signed)
18 Oct 2005 11:49 am
Wow. I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I LOVE the characterization of everyone and Rodney especially. It really hurt to see him thinkin' he's goin' insane. On the other hand, someone needs to teach Atlantis the meaning of "good touch, bad touch", I think. Either way, thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: *G* I'm so pleased you liked the character side of the story. If I ever write the sequel... well let's say that Atlantis' presence won’t remain secret from the guys forever ;-)
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
18 Oct 2005 12:31 am
Good storu though it seemed rushed at the end.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'd agree in many respects *because* Rodney's apparent 'recovery' was forced by Atlantis. Who knows what kind of consequences that could have... *is overwhelmed with a million ideas of where a sequel could go*
Reviewer: Jessica (Signed)
17 Oct 2005 9:56 pm
Very dramatic, I loved it. It was heart-wrenching, but the ending with that sparkle in Rodney's eyes... beautiful. He was right along, people really don't have belief in him anymore do they? I agree with the whole Atlantis saying Mother knows best, was quite creepy.
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
17 Oct 2005 6:50 pm
Oooh, Atlantis crossed the line *g* guess that calls for a sequel *eg* This story was SO creepy! *shudder* LOVED IT! Poor Rodney :(

Author's Response: *G* Thanks :-)