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Reviewer: torturedangel (Signed)
08 May 2006 9:43 am
awwww cute. :)
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Reviewer: knochen (Anonymous)
01 Nov 2005 2:16 pm
"People who can't tell the difference between constructive criticism and plain flaming shouldn't submit reviews." I agree completely. Good thing I wasn't flaming I suppose. Despite what many people might think constructive criticism does not necessarily mean saying nice things. Quite the contrary, actually. I didn't want you to stop writing. I want(ed) you to learn the basic grammar of the language you chose to write in. And these really are basic things... I knew that after the first year of learning English in school (it’s my second language). I don't believe you can have a good writing style if you don't know how to use grammar and punctuation to get a desired effect. And additionally this is not very respectful to the readers who get distracted by mistakes all the time. You should at least check your fics once before publishing, or better, get a beta who will help you with the other things that could be improved.
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Reviewer: Ivrian (Anonymous)
31 Oct 2005 10:27 pm
That was a very good story, and very well-written. And that's my opinion, na !
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Reviewer: Mistress Kat (Signed)
20 Oct 2005 6:35 pm
I don't mean to be nasty, just honest... People who can't tell the difference between constructive criticism and plain flaming shouldn't submit reviews. I noticed the spelling errors too and yeah it did take a bit out of the enjoyment of reading the fic. However, I wouldn't tell you to stop writing! The spelling errors aside your fic was quite good. I always enjoy reading about minor characters. I liked the "first man" joke (once I got it!) and your descriptions of the guys' interactions were good. The pov jumped a bit so at times I wasn't sure whether it was Stackhouse of Markham speaking/thinking, which was confusing so that's something you might want to look at in your future writing - and I hope there is more to come from you!

Author's Response: Thank you. I'll work on the POV thing, usually I just have one so it was weird with two. I'm terrible at grammer and I have no beta so I'm sorry about that too. But thanks for reviewing! And theres another Drabble Pillow Talk that's after this but its not part of the story.
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Reviewer: knochen (Anonymous)
20 Oct 2005 2:33 pm
I don't mean to be nasty, just honest... people who don't even know the difference between "to" and "too" or "your" and "you're" shouldn't write.

Author's Response: most of the time i do, but i wrote this at 11 o'clock at night.
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Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
20 Oct 2005 3:38 am
Nice beginning, I liked the Adam jokes.

Author's Response: thanks!