Reviews For Ritual

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Reviewer: Dr. Dredd (Anonymous)
29 May 2006 3:35 am
Naughty Radek, to torment Carson like that! :-)

Author's Response: Naughty, yes. Our Czech has a definite naughty streak. As we find out in later stories...
Reviewer: with_an_apostrophe (Signed)
13 May 2006 7:03 pm
Was amused all the way through, but laughed out loud when I saw the translation of the Czech! Radek as Gollum! Snork! Actually listening to LOTR soundtracks right now - how weird is that?

Author's Response: Life is full of wonderful coincidences - I love it when things like htat happen. Glad you liked the story.
Reviewer: jo (Anonymous)
28 Oct 2005 11:31 am
I need cookies I need cookies!!! and a Carson and Radek if there are any going spare!!! please keep writing!! jo. x

Author's Response: Cookies in the cupboard on the left. Another story added this evening. More apparently on the way. If I see a spare Carsons or Radeks, I'll keep you in mind as a good home.