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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
19 Mar 2010 5:32 pm
By the end of this fic I actually found myself wishing that Rodney *had* moved on from John. Maybe not with Katie, but John's self-centred attitude coupled with his "punishment", where Rodney was supposed to hang around being celibate for being *wrong* one time until the almighty John magnanimously found it in himself to forgive him, proves he is not the kind of person Rodney could have a healthy relationship with (at least with the characterisation that he has in this fic).

It really is no wonder that Rodney is the way he is with everybody around him constantly reinforcing how "lucky" he is to have people who will tolerate his existence and being amazed that anyone could possibly like him, then lusting after him in private. Carson and Cadmans smug attitude was pretty bad too. Comedy or not, Rodney deserves better friends. It would have been more believable if Rodney had actually shown some rudeness or bluntness or any seriously negative attitude similar to his canon portrayal at all. As it stands in this fic he just reacts reasonably to everything while the so-called "nice" people mock and belittle him. Grow a spine Rodney, and ditch the lot of them.
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Reviewer: Tarlan (Signed)
02 Jul 2007 4:41 pm
Loved all the misunderstandings...and now I'm hoping you have that sequel lying around here someplace :-)
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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
28 May 2007 1:40 am
That has to by one of the most painful comedies I've read in a VERY long time. If I'm seeing between the lines clearly, John and Rodney were "on a break" after Doranda and somehow Katie & Rodney get together again, right? The flowers serve to cement Rodney in Katie's heart. Meanwhile, everyone else is apparently blind to the former relationship between John & Rodney and Radek appears to have feelings for Rodney and seems to know something about Rodney's for John. This is like a soap opera or an episode of Soap! Based on everything in the story, I assume this occurs after The Hive. Are you now going to trap John in Epiphany? I look forward to the sequel.
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Reviewer: LastScorpion (Anonymous)
08 May 2007 5:54 am
I really loved this story!
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Reviewer: charlotte (Anonymous)
06 Feb 2006 8:59 pm
“I see.” Zelenka bit back a smile. “You find it relaxing to allow a beautiful woman to beat you. In my country we must marry them first.” !!!!!!!!!!!fucking fantastic, not laughed so much in years!!!!

Author's Response: *giggle* SEE! I tried to tell people it was a comedy, but no one listens to me.
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Reviewer: Eridanus (Anonymous)
25 Dec 2005 3:51 am
It is downright illegal to end it like that! More, more, more! Now! How can you end it like that? Seriously, fantastically written. But how could you not put John and Rodney back together? They're perfect for each other.

Author's Response: *giggle* If I put them together in this one, what would I do for the sequel?
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Reviewer: Emely Raines (Anonymous)
01 Nov 2005 12:47 am
DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT! Please do a sequel, I'm begging here!.

Author's Response: Working on it. ;)
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Reviewer: Joolz (Signed)
28 Oct 2005 11:22 pm
Very fun. It's cute how everyone wants Rodney, but he's totally oblivious. Can't wait to see what happens next. Thanks

Author's Response: *giggle* Rodney is the *king* of oblivious. Thank you!
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Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
28 Oct 2005 10:55 pm
Wonderful! Funny miscommunications. Touching John's talk to Rodney at the end. Sad how they're not together. Makes me hate Katie now. Elizabeth just doesn't get it. Oh well we do, and hopefully the sequel will resolve all these problems. Oh and I'm glad there was no mention of his eyes still be black, that's good news right?

Author's Response: I love miscommunications, they just have so much potential for drama and comedy both. *happy sigh* Thank you so much.
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Reviewer: Marie (Anonymous)
28 Oct 2005 10:23 pm
Enjoyed that so will now put pressure on you for the sequel. Here it is *pressure* :)

Author's Response: Oooh, pressure. A little to the left...
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Reviewer: jo (Anonymous)
28 Oct 2005 3:51 pm
Damn that was good!! i sooooo need that sequel and quickly!! Rodney and John need to be back together!! And poor Radek! He needs loving too. Keep writing. jo x

Author's Response: *pets boys* I'm working on it, but they are making it hard on themselves, and me. ;)
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