Reviews For Serpentine Curves

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Reviewer: Azamiko (Signed)
21 Apr 2012 3:46 am
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Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
26 Mar 2006 3:50 am
Great take on the theme. Wonderful story. And I adore the gayest boxers. :D
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Reviewer: Kamelion (Signed)
28 Nov 2005 1:34 am
I can't leave clever reviews. I simply don't know enough. But I know what I like, and this was well thought out, clever, suspenseful, funny, and heartbreaking. Very professional. Loved Rodney's thoughts throughout this piece, especially the little (asides) you included. It added so much, and took absolutely nothing away! Added it to my faves list. :)
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Reviewer: sky (Anonymous)
26 Nov 2005 2:48 am
this was an amazing story. brilliant concept and excellently executed. the pic of the boxers was a great touch.
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Reviewer: sky (Anonymous)
26 Nov 2005 2:47 am
this was an amazing story. brilliant concept and excellently executed. the pic of the boxers was a great touch.
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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
07 Nov 2005 8:11 am
*sniggersnort* I happen to love tie-dye! *chortles* And although I am immensely perverted, I am (unfortunately) straight as an arrow. *snortle* A fact which mine husband is infinitely grateful, *chuckle*. Wonderful story, excellently written, and wickedly hot sex between two gorgeous guys. Yum. Time for me to go to bed and molest the husband. *WEG* Thanks for the yummy story! And the whumped Rodney. *purrs happily* ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Ah, rainbow tie-dye! Not the straightest colour scheme ever! *g* So glad you enjoyed the story, and the sex!
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Reviewer: ajay (Anonymous)
06 Nov 2005 8:46 pm
fantastic loved it thankyou

Author's Response: Thank you ajay!
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Reviewer: SylvanWitch (Anonymous)
31 Oct 2005 5:46 am
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your story! I thought the plotline was innovative and the writing was taut, particularly in leading the reader up to the point at which Rodney discovers his disembodied state. I enjoyed the interchange of the other folks from Atlantis, and thought the McShep sex was great, too! Thanks for writing. P.S.: Those ARE gay boxers!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such lovely compliments! I had great fun figuring out the plotline, so I'm glad it worked! As for the boxers, yeah... *grins* I had fun searching for that picture.
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Reviewer: Jade_Dragoness (Anonymous)
31 Oct 2005 3:15 am
The idea for this story is so unique I can't help but love it. *beams* Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

Author's Response: Thank you! I was a bit surprised by the idea when it popped into my head (and initially had no idea how I'd resolve it!) but it turned out to be a fun idea to play with. So I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
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Reviewer: Rayne (Anonymous)
30 Oct 2005 11:55 pm
Yea!! A lovely, angsty John/Rodney story!! I loved your description of pack rat John and his pieces of ancient tech he'd sneak back to his room. Thank you for all your work on your story. Hope you continue to write in this fandom.

Author's Response: Thanks Rayne - I certainly intend to keep on writing in the fandom as there are some great characters to play with. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for reviewing it.
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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
30 Oct 2005 11:37 pm
Oh, brilliant! I loved the premise of how Rodney was split- very clever. And I liked Rodney seeing the reactions of people, seeing that he has more friends than he thinks and that they care more for him than he realised. I especially liked John's crying and the evidence of things being flung about in his room ::hugs John::. I'm glad both John and Rodney know morse code, and I really loved Rodney's thought about John not knowing how smart he really is, but getting Rodney's plight from the barest minimum of information from Rodney. Oh and, also, yay, the plan worked and Rodney's getting better and he's not let John be flip about missing him. That was hot and I really felt the rawness of emotion too, that feeling that this could have been lost before they even found it. I'm glad that rawness was tempered by a bit of banter. Great stuff. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you, Laura! I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, and it's great to know which aspects of the story you particularly enjoyed too. The scene in which John cries was the one I was most concerned about - I felt it should be there, but I didn't want it to be sappy or out of character - so I'm relieved that you felt it worked. Thanks so much for reviewing.
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Reviewer: jo (Anonymous)
30 Oct 2005 8:16 pm
Sequel!! Sequel!! that was so good It was like Ghost meets SGA although I really am glad and relieved that Rodney didnt die!! and John crying over Rodney was so sweet! *big applause!!* :) jo. x

Author's Response: Thank you so much Jo! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it. And don't worry, I had no intention of letting Rodney die!
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