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Reviewer: Jack_rocks (Signed)
13 Sep 2007 6:30 pm
This is one of the best H/C fic I've ever read. So sweet and intense and at the same time so hilarious. I LOVED it.
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: Dark_Whispers (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2006 12:03 pm
I know since John's in the military, that him and Rodney can't be openly together.. so your story stuck to the real stuff. I really liked your story, but I just find it so sad that so many people in this world has maybe found real love and yet not able to openly claim it. It's a pity.
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
11 Aug 2006 8:26 am
I love it :) You do injuries and recovery very well...
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: leslie (Anonymous)
23 Dec 2005 8:40 am
This is one of my favourite stories of yours. Although I can see (and agree with) the points Anonymous makes about medical accuracy, Part I is still my favourite part. I liked the whole 'Rodney hurt' thing and the Shepherd angst that goes along with it despite the fact that coming from a point where it appears he is only just becoming aware of his own feelings, it is weird he should have such a stong physical reaction to the crisis (despite that it is someone important to him). Still it's great stuff and an interesting technique to take us along the path with Shepherd as he comes to terms with Rodney's looming importance in his personal life. Actually I felt the conclusion was weaker than any other part. It just seemed a little cut off ... cut short. But I really think you write superbly. You are amazingly good with just the right choice of vocabulary and sentence construction. Very easy reading from that point of view.
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: pj (Anonymous)
12 Nov 2005 5:34 pm
Well, I really liked the rest of the story very, very much. Your Rodney really had me smiling a lot and I could relate to his frustration with the small results of physical therapy. It really is a bitch. So, not further complaints :) It was only the beginning I had problems with but the rest of the story was really enjoyable. Still, I’d like to answer your response. It’s your story and of course I respect if you disagree with me. I told you what I thought so you can better asses if you archived what you tried to do (which I think is one of the main points of giving reviews). So if you think you did and my view just doesn’t fit your interpretation of the characters or your idea for the story or whatever than that’s fine. But since you did try to explain I’m going to address your points to explain better what I meant. 1. Well, I just don’t think John’s reaction is consistent with the character as I see it. He’s a soldier and he’s very good at controlling emotions like fear and grief because you just need to be able to do that in the field. Of course his control is not so steady when it comes to people he really cares about. But since Rodney’s condition is not life threatening I think he wouldn’t lose that much control. I understand that the fact that Rodney could lose the hand plays a role in his reaction, but I think his relief that he isn’t dying is stronger (if you were John, living in a city where very, very dangerous situations occur every other day and a lot of people have died and you’d heard Rodney scream like that, what would be your first thought?). Oh, and I think if you get field training as a soldier you get a pretty good overview concerning physical trauma and first aid. That these things are quickly forgotten when someone you care about is hurt is understandable, but I still think his relief would make him rational enough again. 2. I think if the pressure is constant it only numbs the hand more. At least that’s my impression from my experiences with pain. I also think the fact that his hand is still trapped raises his stress level which would make his brain filter out a lot of the pain. It’s a fact that most people don’t feel intense pain if they’re in stressful situations like accidents or competitions. 3. A person is in medical shock, when the circulatory system can’t nourish the tissue of the body with enough oxygen. Actually shock is very, very low blood pressure which is most commonly caused by blood loss. There are other things that could cause such a drastic decrease in bp (like if he had eaten citrus and gone into anaphylactic shock…but I guess the fact that his throat would have swollen shut would have been a little more pressing) but they don’t apply here. I just don’t understand why Rodney’s bp would drop so much that it would cause this reactions. There is no reason for it. Oh, and without blood loss, a fast beating heart would increase the amount of oxygen in the tissue. And since adrenaline (aka epinephrine) is used to treat anaphylactic shock I doubt it would cause any kind of shock. 4. See 1. 5. Yes, but people don’t have difficulty breathing because they are in pain. Feeling sick and a little dizzy for the first 5 minutes, okay, but not needing oxygen. Actually only Rodney’s physical reaction really bothers me because I believe it’s a factual error. Everything else I can live with, especially since the rest of the story was so much fun to read. And sorry for any mistakes I might have made. My English’s not perfect.
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: springwoof (Signed)
09 Nov 2005 8:47 am
Thanks for a really great H/C story! I really liked Quickdraw!McKay with the pistol in his sling & the lefthanded shooting! And John's paralyzing fear, his love, & his declarations (both drunk & sober) were very affecting. I'm so glad you're writing in this fandom. wags, springwoof
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: Joolz (Signed)
08 Nov 2005 6:17 am
Very nice. I like how the injury was handled- supremely angsty without getting bogged down in medical detail. Nice whumping for both of them. I like both thier personalities and how they responded to what was happening between them, and ended up together like they should! Thanks very much.
Coping Mechanisms Part I
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
08 Nov 2005 2:17 am
*snickersnort* Oh yeah, I could so do him too. Erm... what I MEANT to say was.... uhm... err... *snort* Wonderful story. And oh so very believable. ----}-@ Krys
Coping Mechanisms Part IV
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
08 Nov 2005 12:53 am
HOWL!!! ROTFLMFAO ----}-@ Krys
Coping Mechanisms Part III
Reviewer: pj (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2005 9:10 pm
Well, this is quite a nice read so far. There is just one thing that bothers me and I can't get it out of my head while reading... Why did everyone behave like Rodney was dying when he "just" had a crushed hand? From the way you described it one might think he went into medical shock (which really is life threatening), but I really can't think of any reason why that might be the case. People usually go into shock when they lose a lot of blood and Rodney didn't bleed nearly enough. I just thought it was way over the top...and I don't think he'd be in so much pain right after it happened...his body would have drugged him enough to make it bearable, especially if he doesn't move. I once had a fractured hip and right after the bone broke I could still pretty much walk. Two hours later I almost passed out when I tried to lift my foot off the ground. All in all I think Rodney and John behaved like Rodney had an arrow in his lung and they were off world with no help in sight and not in the middle of Atlantis with a crushed hand. I think this all sounds rather nasty but I really just want to tell you my opinion and maybe help you. I'm german, we're generally rude ;) I'll continue reading tomorrow so I can forget about the beginning and focus on the rest of the story (I'm strange like that) because I think it's definitely worth reading.

Author's Response: I've had one or two people comment on this and there are several important things to remember: 1. A lot of what's going on is influenced heavily by POV. John is trying not to freak out, but he's watching his friend, someone he cares deeply about in a fuck of a lot of pain. He's also got only field training under his belt, so his interpretation of events, medically, can be a little skewed. 2. This is not simply a "crushed hand", his is a hand actively being crushed. There's a difference. 3. Shock can come about because of a lot of different factors, not just blood loss. And in a situation like that, where his heart is probably beating like mad, his adrenaline is pumping and his BP is doing bad, bad things, it's a distinct possibility. 4. Ok, so he's not dying, even John admits that in his own head. But it's not just about Rodney dying. It's about hoping to save the limb. About someone they care about suffering. There's panic about him possibly being permanently disabled. John himself comments on it in his own mind. 5. And most importantly. Everyone responds to pain differently. As for needing to put the story down to focus on the rest? Ok, to each his own, I don't get it, but we're all different. It's good that you felt ok with bringing up what you feel might be a touchy subject. I, however, disagree with you, which I hope you can respect. Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
Coping Mechanisms Part I
Reviewer: jo_zed_pee_em (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2005 7:58 pm
::Standing Ovation!!:: Oh, WOW!! That was such a beautiful story! I didn't know whether to laugh cry or slap someone silly! Fantastic!! I love the fact that John has realised that He is the bigger freaker outer ! *G* :)This is definitely being added to my favourites! jo. x
Coping Mechanisms Part IV