Reviews For Last Call

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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
08 Nov 2005 9:45 pm
Great look at the friendship between John and Rodney. That Rodney snarks and bitches and moans and yet doesn't think twice about dropping whatever he was doing to see John. And John calls Rodney, rather than anyone else, when he's feeling down after seeing Aiden's cousin. Great stuff. Laura.
Reviewer: lavvyan (Anonymous)
08 Nov 2005 10:18 am
I like this story very much. Nice pace, and not too mushy. Pretty much in character, too. Overall good work. Congratulations. :)
Reviewer: Dr. Dredd (Anonymous)
08 Nov 2005 3:19 am
Very nice story! After seeing the look on John's face during the visit with Aiden's cousin, I can only imagine what he must have gone through after he left the house. Good that Rodney's there for him.
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
08 Nov 2005 2:46 am
*snickersnort* I like the whole pregnancy dig there. *VBEG* Excellent little view into the trip back home. You really think Rodney would've still had a place in Colorado Springs? ----}-@ Krys
Reviewer: jo_zed_pee_em (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2005 11:19 pm
*Giggles* Thank you so much for writing this. I felt really let down at not seeing what Rodney did while back on Earth in the actual episode. This made me laugh and now I feel better! :) jo. x