Reviews For Resilience

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Reviewer: Kazbaby (Signed)
26 Nov 2011 12:42 am
I feel as emotionally wrung out as John and Rodney after this chapter. Good job! *rushes off to the next*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Alwaysand (Anonymous)
21 Mar 2010 6:34 pm
I cried over chapter nine. Now I have to go see what else you wrote.
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Kat (Anonymous)
26 Oct 2009 6:09 am
John's a dick! Hello, can anyone say wraith, wake-up call? John always put Rodney into dangerous situatios, but you don't see Rodney getting all mad. Also, Boo Elizabeth!!!
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Merrov (Signed)
17 Oct 2009 3:16 am
Guh! Wonderful story! You write Rodney in pain very very well, and the whole bit on the cliffs has to be my favorite part, followed very closely by the bit where Rodney gets his music back. Wonderful job, this is definitely going ony favorites and fic rec lists!
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Krysalys (Anonymous)
20 Jul 2009 8:51 pm
This story never fails to comp-letely destroy me... in that I always end up with tears and snot streaming down my face throughout the story. Again, my dear Ro, thank you for this.
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
09 May 2009 11:46 pm
I really like this story. Its in my top four mcshep favorites. Ive read it dozens of times. Its got it all angst, h/c and its long. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: solitudecoven (Anonymous)
02 Mar 2009 3:26 pm
Wow, I really loved your writing. And the plot. And the hurt, well practically everything.

Truly beautiful.
Chapter 10
Reviewer: wo/cause (Anonymous)
03 Feb 2009 1:18 pm
i am at awe, i've just gone through all your sga stories and i am at utter awe, you take my breath away and there were tears. i am a person at awe here and for that i thank you.
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Lisa (Anonymous)
04 Dec 2008 7:06 am
What a beautiful, satisfying read. I loved the happy ending.

Thank you. :-)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Alinea (Signed)
24 Aug 2008 10:17 pm
I'm honoured to be your 100th review! this is that rare type of story that combines truth and beauty to produce a glorious and satisfying experience that you can enjoy without any prior knowledge of SGA. i dont think i've ever felt tearful because of a story before. Rodney and his understandable insequirities are NOT portrayed as weaknesses as some reviewers have said but give us a rounded portrait of a complex and contradictory man. and yes, I did shout at John, but I also understood his emotional shut down.
Anyway, thank you for this, a story to remember!!!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Sulien (Signed)
13 Jun 2008 8:06 am
This story is killing me (in the best way), but I'm going to have to stop for the night or I will get absolutely no sleep. I can tell this is going to be one of those that I'm going to save to my hard drive and a backup disk, though. Thank you!

P.S. My folks moved from Camarillo 3 years ago. I can imagine one of John's favorite surfing spots was there at the curve of PCH just South of Pt Mugu; it's also a great spot to watch the sunset.
Chapter 6
Reviewer: Jantique (Signed)
05 May 2008 5:56 pm
This is a wonderful story! I really enjoyed it. I particularly liked how John gave Rodney his music back. And, of course, the whole Trinity angst. But really, all of it was good!

Keep up the good writing!
Chapter 6
Reviewer: Jantique (Signed)
02 May 2008 8:37 pm
I'm reading the story--so far, it's lovely--and I just came to Rodney's line, "If you put your hand on my sprained ankle right now and ordered me to come, I probably would. That's where I'm at, John." That is so HOT!!!

I just had to say!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: darsynia (Signed)
25 Apr 2008 3:36 am
While I'm definitely enjoying the story, I'm starting to waver on the characterizations a bit. It's fine if I picture it as kind of an parallel universe, but I do think Rodney is very weak here, and it kind of makes me sad for the character. John also seems a bit too open, but I could buy that as an alternate John, if that makes sense. As a separate universe though, kind of like the version of McKay where he depends more on his insecurities, it works. Though I wonder if maybe you're setting them up to be a kind of a dominant (john)/submissive (rodney) kind of thing?

John talks a lot about not hurting Rodney, and I can only hope that this isn't a setup for just that situation!

Good chapter, hot sex, sweet relationship stuff :)
Chapter 3
Reviewer: darsynia (Signed)
25 Apr 2008 3:17 am
"Rocket science and quantum physics were considered the most difficult, incomprehensible fields of study, so, naturally enough, his ego would demand that he master both."

I can so relate to this sentiment, though I don't have the strength of character Rodney does! This is one of the most articulate descriptions of him I've ever read, excellent work! Also, I HAVE to comment on your brilliant ability to view the world from your PoV character--Rodney thinking about how sick he is from the radiation (when we all know he's probably not actually sick yet--or, rather, it's probably psychosomatic) is just perfect, and hardly any authors manage this clarity of PoV.

I really enjoyed the way John came to talk to Rodney after they got back from the planet in 'Runner,' though I might have known it would blow up in their faces! The way Rodney's capable of shocking John is simply delicious!

"Rodney sighed. "I think you're my friend and that you're curious, but that's not the same as wanting me. John, you're my ferris wheel. You're my fast car. I want to be those things to you. I think I deserve to be wanted. At least a little.""

Great line. That kiss was spectacularly hot, all the more so because of how chaste it was. My only complaint is the phrase 'kiddy ride' kind of made me feel a bit odd, considering the mental place I was at (right there with Rodney, heh) after what John did.
Chapter 2
Reviewer: darsynia (Signed)
25 Apr 2008 2:55 am
This was recced to me on lj's sgagenrefinders and it's an AMAZING gem! I'm completely delighted to read this first chapter, and to see how long it is just makes me grin from ear to ear!

The subtle hints between John and Rodney are fantastic as a set up for John to fall, and I absolutely adore the way you've characterized their friendship here. Your writing had me on tenterhooks for Rodney more than once, but each time, your John smoothed that over with ease, and all in character, imo. I'm looking forward to the rest!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: dhh (Anonymous)
10 Apr 2008 10:44 pm
I have to say, this story is horrible..You portray 'McKay' as some horrible monster and very unlikable and is just down-right lacking confidence etc.

This story just Blows!!
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
01 Mar 2008 2:57 am
What a sweet ending. :-) I'm not sure I agree with Rodney's decision to trust "control" in John's hands given how badly he hurt Rodney & how many mistakes he's made. Hmm... I guess if I view it as a D/s thing it makes some sense. Regardless, thank you for writing such an engaging story.
Chapter 10
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
01 Mar 2008 2:50 am
Huh. This was a pretty good chapter. I'm glad Rodney finally found his anger, but I'm sorry to see him still be such a pushover for John. I guess love is indeed blind, even when a lover treats you horrifically for weeks. Thanks for writing!
Chapter 9
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
01 Mar 2008 2:37 am
Wow. Thank you for writing this story. Every time I read a post-Trinity story like this I wonder why Rodney puts up with the abuse. The only one who is truly a friend is Zelenka. All of the others are spoiled brats taking out their anger on Rodney because it turns out he is in fact human.
Chapter 8