Reviews For Who's In Charge?

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Reviewer: Dark_Whispers (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2006 2:17 am
Chocolate pudding as lube.. wow.. think I'll just go imagine that for a little while!! Loved the fic btw! =)
Who's In Charge?
Reviewer: Emely Raines (Signed)
19 Nov 2005 11:18 pm
hehehehe... and Lorne ends up with Zelenka! woohoo, Go Z!

Author's Response: Glad you liked...and L/Z is my latest odd pairing, right up there with Kavanagh and Bates LOL...
Who's In Charge?
Reviewer: gorgon (Anonymous)
12 Nov 2005 6:37 pm
This was really splendid. I loved each scene and reconcilliation and angst that wasn't smothering, great writing :D

Author's Response: Thanks, I was kinda worried about it at first, but John can have worries also, same as everyone else. IMHO, he had learned to hide them, but not anymore....Huntress
Who's In Charge?