Reviews For Burnt

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Reviewer: AIMAS (Anonymous)
04 Jan 2007 9:13 pm
Oh god, chocolate syrup -- Star Wars -- lawyers -- Harry Potter... Please continue this quickly! I love this story, and I've been waiting for what feels like forever for it to be continued!
Chapter 6
Reviewer: Frappels (Anonymous)
04 Jan 2007 9:03 pm
I love this series! I am so glad to see another chapter, however, it feels like torture waiting for each one (No pressure or anything - lol)
Chapter 6
Reviewer: Ellex (Signed)
04 Jan 2007 9:00 pm
Nice to see this story in progress again! Excellent chapter - I hope it won't be so long until the next? *looks hopeful*
Chapter 6
Reviewer: mckayfan (Anonymous)
04 Jan 2007 5:36 pm
Sheppard says they’re some kind of human Wraith. Great line. Glade to see this fic is still going.
Chapter 6
Reviewer: arionchan (Anonymous)
04 Jan 2007 1:53 pm
OMG! You posted more of this! Bless you, I haven't even started reading yet and my day has already improved exponentally. (^_^) Thank you!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Patricia (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2007 10:14 pm
This is a great story. I hope that you intend to finish it as it's too good to just leave. Please continue with it. Thanks.
Chapter 5
Reviewer: snarkydame (Anonymous)
01 Dec 2006 11:19 pm
You've got a great -- I mean, really great -- Mckay voice. Please, keep it up.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Yelik (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2006 11:23 pm
A very touching and lovable Rodney. You despict him perfectly, depressed but generous. Great original character too. It´s an intelligent and compelling history. It´d be a pitty if you don´t finish it.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lisa (Anonymous)
22 Oct 2006 9:19 pm
That's it? Please, please, *please* say you are going to continue this story - it can't stop there! It's too fantastic to stop there! Best story ever! Best dialogue ever! Need another fix!!! :)
Chapter 5
Reviewer: unsung_hero_99 (Anonymous)
20 Oct 2006 12:09 pm
I'm in love with this story. It's awsome. When will there be more?
Chapter 5
Reviewer: Blue Luna (Anonymous)
19 Oct 2006 10:30 am
Oh. My. The excellence of this story has rendered me incapable of anything but breathless awe. I do hope this will one day continue.
Chapter 5
Reviewer: Lyansidde (Anonymous)
19 Oct 2006 4:34 am
Love this story, still hoping for much more.
Chapter 5
Reviewer: QueenNarca (Anonymous)
06 Oct 2006 5:10 am
This is a really awesome story. Stone is a great character.
Chapter 5
Reviewer: Richa (Anonymous)
17 Sep 2006 11:17 pm
Great story! That guy in Duet (Stone) fully had me hooked aswell especially the "awesome" when Ronan was showing him his sweet moves. I really love this and hope you continue writing it in the future. richa x
Chapter 5
Reviewer: cimera (Anonymous)
22 Jul 2006 2:30 pm
What a great story...looking forward to reading more of it :)
Chapter 5
Reviewer: arionchan (Anonymous)
21 Jul 2006 1:29 am
I just thought I'd drop a line and say how much I enjoy your Rodney voice, and Stone is just a joy. ^_^ Glad as I am that you're working on the last part of Matter of Rules (and I am _very_ glad *G*), I hope this story will stay on your WIPs list? *hopeful look* At any rate, this is an excellent story, thanks for posting it.
Chapter 5
Reviewer: nyxx_4 (Anonymous)
13 Jul 2006 2:42 am
OH MY GOD this is such a great story please continue, i can't wait to read more. I'm kinda hoping it'll be slashy but if it isn't its all good still. ^_^
Chapter 5
Reviewer: EOTU (Anonymous)
13 Jul 2006 2:35 am
What they said. More! p-p-p-leeeeease?
Chapter 1
Reviewer: gfpc (Signed)
12 Jul 2006 9:29 pm
Amazing story.
Chapter 5
Reviewer: Jen (Anonymous)
15 May 2006 2:12 am
You are writing more soon right? I'm dying for more! This is really great. And I'm impressed with your original character - not overdone, very believeable, but not so little a part that they may as well be there. Hope to see more soon!
Chapter 5