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Reviewer: marbleglove (Anonymous)
03 Dec 2007 1:50 am
Very, very nice. I like that he's still just John Sheppard but with a slightly weirder childhood than we had previously assumed. All the potions that can be made from ingrediants in a muggle kitchen, and doing a ritual with regular condiment salt, gun oil, and a borrowed candle. All the details you put in made this story just perfect.
Reviewer: Port of Seas (Signed)
12 Mar 2007 5:15 am
Ooh, I like the concept. Very Sheppard. I wonder if, in that theory, all wizards are actually people with the ancient gene, squibs just got unlucky with genetic inheritence, and vice versa with muggle borns.
Reviewer: Sulien (Signed)
05 Mar 2007 7:31 pm
I laughed out loud at the bit about the hair. This was brilliant and I hope you write more in this 'verse!
Reviewer: vain_firechild (Signed)
18 Oct 2006 1:07 am
Gods, come on please write more. I love this story. I don't care if it's more chapters or a sequel. Please!!!
Reviewer: Crystal O. Grapher (Anonymous)
13 Jun 2006 5:54 pm
(Here on the rec of mhalachaiswords) What a charming set piece. I have yet to watch SGA, but this was clear anyway (I'm a big SG1 fan).
Reviewer: PurpleYin (Signed)
20 Mar 2006 5:00 pm
Very interesting way to cross it over, I hadn't ever thought of what happens with those who don't want to go to a school but know they're magical. I enjoyed it quite a bit. :)
Reviewer: Michele (Anonymous)
14 Mar 2006 4:30 am
A fun read
Reviewer: nightslasher (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 4:33 am
I loved it ... I adore Harry Potter!
Reviewer: witch in winter (Anonymous)
18 Feb 2006 11:54 pm
A delightful read...thank you. Would love to see more in this same universe. And to see how Rodney would react to magic. Thanks again, well done.
Reviewer: Different Kinds of Magic (Anonymous)
27 Dec 2005 9:37 am
Intriguing start.
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
15 Dec 2005 2:08 am
Wonderfully written. Talk about home-schooled! *snicker* I guess that since John's not the next Wizarding Savior, he'd be much more likely to fall through the cracks of the Wizarding world, huh? ;) What would be really interesting is if there were other wizards/witches in the expedition, who ended up finding John out and calling him on his spellcasting. *chuckle* That would be pretty interesting... ;) Well written. ----}-@ Krys
Reviewer: Cedric (Anonymous)
13 Dec 2005 6:58 am
OMG!!! It's like a whole new Harry Potter!!! And the best part is that apart from terminology it has almost nothing to do with Harry Potter. *rubs hands together gleefully* you must write more
Reviewer: Juliana (Anonymous)
06 Dec 2005 6:02 am
Wow, excellent fic. It makes perfect sense for some wizards and witches to hide from Voldermort and preventing their children from accessing the magic world.
Reviewer: Nandae (Anonymous)
04 Dec 2005 10:29 pm
Woo hoo. I loved it. That story was like a crossover without being a crossover. I got a kick out of the hair into feathers part too.
Reviewer: coreopsis (Signed)
02 Dec 2005 8:05 pm
I really like your blending of HP-style magic with Sheppard. He does seem to be the best candidate and the bit about turning his hair to feathers during transfiguration experiements was priceless. I wouldn't mind seeing some more of how he uses magic in Pegasus if you're ever moved in that direction. *g*
Reviewer: Megan (Anonymous)
02 Dec 2005 6:54 pm
I loved the explanation of why his hair's got a bit of a wild side to it! Now, if you could only explain the ears....;)
Reviewer: Icy Flame (Signed)
02 Dec 2005 6:23 pm
I like the idea of John being a wizard, and your description of him learning or being homeschooled in magic. The explanation for his "hair never being the same again" was brilliant. *cackles* Loved your story. The end was exceptional fitting. *grins* *glomps*
Reviewer: FantasyEnabler (Anonymous)
02 Dec 2005 4:36 pm
Nice! I like how this AU fits in so well with the canon presentation of John: that feeling of somehow being an outsider, despite his looks and his charm; the way he seems to get really lucky sometimes; the idea that maybe ancient genes are one of the reasons wizards exist; and of course, the brilliant explanation for his hair. :) I'd like to see more of this, especially since there are so many observant and questioning types surrounding him in Atlantis, a place where he probably can't let lack of privacy keep him from spellcasting.
Reviewer: Azar Darkstar (Anonymous)
02 Dec 2005 3:18 pm
Ooo... interesting. You've got me hooked. Please update. Azar
Reviewer: Dr_Dredd (Signed)
02 Dec 2005 2:04 pm
Hey, that's great! I especially love the explanation for John's... unique hair. Figures that even his magic education is nontraditional -- he's a maverick in many ways.