Reviews For Not Alone

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Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
22 Feb 2010 1:20 am
I now go to find the pieces of my heart... Terribly beautiful, nice job.
Not Alone 1/1
Reviewer: Reader (Anonymous)
19 Feb 2010 6:11 pm
Oh my gosh. That was terrifying, but beautifully so. It was absolutely gorgeous. Your writing style is so amazing, and you capture their voices, children but so aged, so very well.
Not Alone 1/1
Reviewer: Korilian (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2007 8:45 pm
Is he doing something to them, other then locking them into a closet? Gah!
Not Alone 1/1
Reviewer: squid (Signed)
04 Dec 2005 11:43 pm
I think my heart broke. Scarily, beautifully written.
Not Alone 1/1