Reviews For Alone

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Reviewer: sunnyd_lite (Anonymous)
24 Nov 2008 12:59 am
This is perfect! Rodney consoling with food and The Princess Bride and tactless comments. John, despite his trouble with emotions letting her know that team=family, even if he couldn't quite say it. Ronon's letting her know things are the same by fighting over ice cream. *HUGS*
Reviewer: Miss M (Signed)
08 Sep 2008 7:07 am
LOL - I love he quazie gay Rodney - clothing advice!

Loved it!
Reviewer: mangst (Anonymous)
07 Jan 2007 3:40 am
Very sweet *sniff*. Though Rodney was still Rodney, and I love him that way. :)
Reviewer: Xtin (Anonymous)
16 Sep 2006 5:59 pm
this is just great!!!! Thanks for writing it :) I really love the fact that this get away was Rodney's idea. I goona check your other stuff out, bye now
Reviewer: euphiechan (Anonymous)
11 Feb 2006 5:40 am
This is such a nice coda to the episode. The team dynamic is far to infrequently explored in fic, and it was really well done here. Bravo! Also, the thought of Rodney outfitting Teyla in Gucci is so adorable. And he's right. That dress was hideous. *shudders*
Reviewer: Jess (Anonymous)
11 Feb 2006 4:04 am
Omg so cute!!! All of it was wonderful! Loved the bit with the icecream and Rodney talking about the dress. Lol!! The movie they were watching was The Princess Bride right? I LOVE that movie! It my all time fav! Thanks for this it was truly great!
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
21 Jan 2006 4:48 am
Awww! That was perfect! *happy sigh* I ended up having to work with that GI Jane bimbette that Carson’s still sniffing around. *snicker* he's just jealous ;) Loved the fic, thanks!
Reviewer: Klenotka (Anonymous)
09 Dec 2005 12:39 pm
Sweet, cute:-) I love Rodney and Ronon in this. Just like little boys:-)
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
09 Dec 2005 3:25 am
Loved Ronon in this! And I rather liked Teyla's dress. Slap Rodney upside the head. . .*walks off mumbling*
Reviewer: Tonia Barone (Signed)
08 Dec 2005 10:19 pm
*ROTFL* Excellent coda. And how Rodney jus' steam-rolled in? Lovely. The guys takin' care of their warrior princess. This is something SGA has that SG1 never could. Even if Sam loosened up enough to be in this scenario, Jack would be way too uncomfortable and Teal'c. Well. He's silent. They wouldn't be able to do this. She'd never be comfy enough. But Teyla. This could so be canon and that's what I like about it. Loved it. Thank you so much for this. *pauses* But. For the record? Am I the only person who actually liked that dress?
Reviewer: Bunny (Anonymous)
08 Dec 2005 4:20 am
I loved this insanely! Thank you! Really really excellent.
Reviewer: SC (Anonymous)
08 Dec 2005 2:41 am
Well done!! That was an awesome finish to the episode! Pity they dont do those sort of things really!! Excellent writing!
Reviewer: Lady J (Signed)
07 Dec 2005 6:51 pm
This was lovely. I watched "Critical Mass" last night and was a little peeved that no one checked in on Teyla to see how she was doing. This was a very apt way of addressing the aftermath of Charin's death. Thank you.