Reviews For Native Serendipity

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Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
13 Nov 2007 6:21 am
*snicker* Wow. I love John and Rodney so, so, soooo much. Especially like this. Perfectly fabulous.
Reviewer: Twinchy (Signed)
20 Jul 2007 6:46 am
Wow, incredible story-telling, well-paced and entertaining. Loved the ending! *applaudes*
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
16 Jun 2007 2:24 pm
That was beautiful. I loved the "grumpy grizzly bear" image especially how quickly it morphed into "sex kitten" for John. :-)
Reviewer: paperduckie (Signed)
15 Jun 2007 4:02 pm
I must say that that was *fantastic*. I really like how you portrayed Rodney (all Canadian and nerd-like, tres adorable) and, well, my appreciation for that last scene in the labs goes without saying. And, aw! John's bachelor days are all over and such. :3
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
15 Jun 2007 5:25 am
Very nice. Very, very nice! :) I loved John stalking Rodney in the lab, and Rodney making John squeak on the planet. And of course, loved all the things that fueled John's ego when he confronted Rodney in the lab.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
11 Dec 2005 1:53 am
Very nice. I loved the hotness that was stoned!Rodney and conflicted!John, with Teyla/Aiden in the background. I loved Elizabeth's non-reaction to everything too. And poor Rodney, all convinced that he'd assaulted John and avoiding him desperately :(. I was glad that John finally cornered him (and yay, Radek, for knowing when to escape *g*). It was great to see the reversal of roles with John seducing Rodney and Rodney being all uncertain. Great too that it looked like they were going to give things a proper go. Laura.