Reviews For Blaze of Glory

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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
17 Dec 2005 1:28 am
Very nice. I don't think Rodney gives himself enough credit, so it's good to see that his subconscious has a better understanding of how heroic he can be when needed :). Laura.
Blaze of Glory
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
16 Dec 2005 4:33 am
Hero. Definitely a hero. *big grin*
Blaze of Glory
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
15 Dec 2005 3:51 pm
Whew! had me worried there! :D Awesome job!
Blaze of Glory
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
15 Dec 2005 12:50 am
Excellent job. Can't wait to actually see the rest of Season 2! ----}-@ Krys, one of the poor sods living in the US *grumps*
Blaze of Glory