Reviews For Second Fiddle

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Reviewer: jamie_marsters (Anonymous)
03 Dec 2007 7:25 am
Will there ever be anymore of this story? I was really enjoying it. :)
Reviewer: Anyssia (Signed)
01 Dec 2007 3:27 pm
hello ^^
first of all, this is trully a breathtaking story ! I just spent the last 6 hours reading it non-stop and I can't tell you how much I love your John (and Rodney by the way).
The fact that there is an actual plot to this story his definitively a plus, and I can't wait to read the next chapters XD
and so, here is my question : I saw you didn't publish since 2006. Do you intend to finish it, or is it trully cancelled ? If it's the later, could you publish a little recap of the end of the story, so we could get an idea of its end, please ? ^^
Reviewer: Janchan (Anonymous)
13 Nov 2007 5:49 pm
Please, oh PLEASE tell me there's more to this story somewhere. It's a very good story and I really can't wait until it's updated. I really want to know how John and the others are gonna be able to save Rodney.
Reviewer: It's been a year (Anonymous)
11 Oct 2007 2:31 am
You can finish it now, the suspense has been appropriately lengthy
Reviewer: atuinsails (Signed)
06 Oct 2007 6:48 pm
I love this story. I realize it's been awhile and you probably won't get to the rest of it, but please consider writing the rest.
Reviewer: Debris (Signed)
09 Sep 2007 8:13 am
I'm another person in the long line who's stumbled over the story unawares, and is not, khm, kind of desperate for an ending. Or at least another chapter. So to abuse my newly gained wb account, I'm gonna fave this, and you *will* be posting more, won't you? (Also, do you post your stories to some other place, journal, etc? Not that I want to stalk you... er... at all?) ^.^
Reviewer: Sparrowhawk (Anonymous)
19 Aug 2007 1:12 am
The Counselor should be afraid. John does seem to be at his most dangerous with that serene look on his face.

I love this story, I can't wait to read more
Reviewer: Kristi (Anonymous)
08 Aug 2007 7:42 pm
OMG! This fic is fantastic! I can't wait for more!
Reviewer: jeanette (Anonymous)
30 Jul 2007 10:46 pm
I really enjoyed this story and I hope you plan on finishing it! thanks
PS all of your stories are enjoyable.
Reviewer: Jan-chan (Anonymous)
16 Jul 2007 8:31 pm
oh my gods! love the story and I hope you finish it!!!
Reviewer: Ketch (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2007 2:30 pm
Wow, I thought waiting for the new HP7 was bad. Loving this story. In the space of an evening I have just read everything I could find of your work and you are one heck of a sexy, fun, romantic read. Thanks so much for all your hard work.
Reviewer: Akro (Anonymous)
28 Jun 2007 12:00 am
It's been a year, forcryingoutloud. Find someone to boune ideas off of and finish the damn thing!
Reviewer: gravelgerdie (Anonymous)
21 May 2007 4:20 am
Oh my goodness... This is so good.. please don't stop. I need to see Sheppard kick some butt and get Rodney back....:)
Reviewer: absentiaV (Anonymous)
21 May 2007 3:55 am
I LOVE this story...
I sat up last night... in tears through most of the story it was all quite emotional for me.

I hope you continue soon!
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
20 May 2007 10:01 pm
Yay, more soon?
Reviewer: Teri (Anonymous)
05 May 2007 5:17 pm
Goodgravy! Don't stop now! *pout*
Reviewer: Nuetronorange (Signed)
05 May 2007 9:25 am
Oh my god! What happens next, is there going to be another shower? With company this time? Please write more soon. Thanks
Reviewer: atlantisone (Signed)
05 May 2007 3:16 am
I'm in love with this story! Poor John. I really hope you finish this story. I can't wait to see how thier going to get Rodney back. Knowing John he probably wants to send the every single solider to the planet to get Rodney back. Please update soon.
Reviewer: Juniper Holly (Anonymous)
16 Mar 2007 4:38 am
Loving this story. Can't help but notice that John's got a little bit of a psycho thing going on there, doesn't he? I mean that in the best possible way of course. You have outdone yourself in your efforts to craft said bit of psychosis. I'll admit, I'm hoping it won't be a forever thing though.You know how it is, we love John and don't want him to be having lifelong unhealthy emotional issues. All through the chapter I kept thinking, "Poor John. He needs a stress ball, a woobie, and some intensive Heightmeyer time in the worst sort of way." Ah well. I'm trusting you on this one. Hope to see more from you soon.

Author's Response: Yeah, about the crazy John-ness, um... I'm thinking there's going to be little more coming up of that. Hopefully he'll find his balance soon. I keep trying to make him better, but he keeps hiding his meds under his tongue and spitting them in the toilet when my back is turned. Silly rabbit. Thanks for the support, and I hope to see you again soon!
Reviewer: cel (Anonymous)
05 Mar 2007 12:15 pm
Oh man, I'm addicted to this story! I hope one day you'll update it. Until then, I'll just keep re-reading!

Author's Response: That's what I like to hear! I live in fear that by the time I actually finish writing the next chapter, everyone will have forgotten about the story! I'm hoping to update soon-ish if the muses are kind. Stay tuned!