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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
23 Jun 2006 6:07 am
Thank Goodness! An update. I thought I was dying from withdrawal, but this arrived in time and it was SO worth the wait. This chapter helped me understand where Sophie was coming from and I am glad Rodney realized the need to help John after he is rescued. Also, I am glad you explained Carson's thinking because I have been screaming for him to test the remains since the incident. :-) Nicely done. So, the next chapter will be this weekend, right? *hopeful look*

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! And I'm really glad you feel like you have a better handle on everyone's thought processes. I forget that you guys can't see into my head sometimes. :) Next chapter will be posted as soon as possible, but no, I don't think this weekend is gonna be it. *ducks behind Ronon for protection* Sorry!
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 11:02 pm
How's this for a productive review? moremoremoremoremoremoremoremore...

Author's Response: I take it you're mildly curious as to what happens next then? :) I'll do my best to deliver.
Reviewer: shootingsilverstarlight (Signed)
22 Jun 2006 8:03 pm
All I can say is, the Counselor's gonna get it! *evil grin* Thanks for updating. Lots more soon please!

Author's Response: Atlantis is pissed, that's for sure. I'll do my best to get the next chapter done in a timely fashion. *grins* I sound like my old SAT instructor.
Reviewer: CatMoran (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 4:15 pm
I must be a really sick puppy because I can't *wait* to see John tear the Counselor apart.

Author's Response: Yeah, that seems to be the consensus, so at least you're not alone in your sick puppy-dom. Welcome to the club! *hugs*
Reviewer: anyanka (Signed)
22 Jun 2006 3:07 pm
Apologies to anyone reading if the science is wrong. The rest of the story is of course fabulous and I can’t wait to see John, the cold killing machine, rescue his Rodney. And then spend the next year on Heightmeyer’s couch :-)

Author's Response: Oh God, Anyanka, don't make me write a whole year of Heightmeyer sessions! I'll never sleep again. *grins* And neither will you because I'll make you beta every sentence in retribution! *laughs maniacally* Thanks for the compliments!
Reviewer: Jane (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 1:26 pm
ooooooooooooooooooooo boy are they in for it now! Excellent stuff

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked! And yes. They got some 'splaining to do, Lucy!
Reviewer: seekergeek (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 11:36 am
Oooooo, good chapter! I wouldn't want to be the Councilor either! *shivers* Atlantis is out for their CSO and blood notw!

Author's Response: Yeah, the Counselor? Not really the best person to be right now, I'm thinking. We'll have to see what the gang gets up to in terms of retribution.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
22 Jun 2006 10:15 am
Great chapter, well worth the wait. I loved the bittersweet beginning, how the tributes started appearing for Rodney and how surprised he would be to see so much repect for himself. I was scared that Carson would have no choice but to send John back to Earth, which was just wrong, but especially because I knew that Rodney was still alive. As for Rodney, I felt bad for him. In the scale of things, this isn't a bad capture for him, he's not being beaten or tortured, he's being fed regularly, kept in reasonable conditions. Nevertheless, he's got so much time to just think, to dwell on the fact that no one's going to look for him because they all believe him dead, and to worry for John and his screaming state. I'm kinda glad he gave that some more analytical thought though, ho he put it together with other little glimpses and decided that there was a serious need to talk to Kate when they were reunited. I was so very glad when Carson started doing his 'autopsy' of the ash, I couldn't even be cross that he put it off for a few days as it was understandable, and he was doing it *now*, so here was still hope. It was disheartening when his discovery made no impact on John, but a huge relief when John did finally respond and get himself up and moving. Those final scenes in the conference room were great. The emotions were palpable; the relief and surprise that John was up and John again, Carson's excitement at his news, everyone elses move from angry horror at Carson to joy as they figured out what he was saying and then back to fury at the Counselor and co. for what they tried to do. I can't wait for the rescue, though I'm half worried and half anticipating just what John will do to get Rodney back. Will he stay in control, or will he lose it? The race-with-no-name deserve a good ass-kicking, and John could do it with but a thought with all that Ancient tech lying around, but what would that do to him, to his relationship with Rodney, if he let himself go that far? Can't wait to find out. Laura.

Author's Response: Laura! So nice to see you again Sweetie. As usual you give a fabulous review. I swear someday you're just going to e-mail me a powerpoint presentation with bulleted slides instead. *laughs* I'm glad you liked and I hope I live up to all these alien ass-kicking expectations everyone seems to have. See you soon!
Reviewer: lee michelle (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 9:55 am
Oh wow you updated and what an update. Thanks so much, I think I'm in love with this story.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're having fun. And my story is in love with you too! *grins*
Reviewer: Doctor Science (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 6:42 am
Yes! I just re-read the previous sections the other day, wondering if you'd update and if we'd have to go with a damn psychic bond or if Carson would buy a clue. Go Carson!

Author's Response: Oh God, I reread the whole story before I posted this chapter too, and I can't believe everyone is still with me! It took forever! And yeah, Carson rocks, but he would have rocked a whole lot less if Anyanka hadn't helped me out with that science-y stuff. I got a C in high school biology. *facepalms*
Reviewer: dannylover934 (Signed)
22 Jun 2006 4:16 am
Great chapter! So glad that John came back. Now I can't wait to see all of them kick some alien ass!

Author's Response: Those wacky aliens. They will never learn that stealing Rodney is wrong and will bring dire retribution on them all. *grin* Glad you enjoyed it!
Reviewer: Caro (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 4:16 am
Okay i'll make a deal with you; i'll keep telling you how fantastic this fic is, if you'll promise not to make us poor readers wait for another month for the next chapter!!!! (And it is completely fantastic by the way!)

Author's Response: LOL! I swear I don't do it on purpose. Really, I try to write as fast as I can, I guess these later chapters are just taking longer to get right than the earlier ones did. *shrug* Muses are fickle things. (and thanks for the compliment!)
Reviewer: mckaysgenius (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 2:55 am
Yes!!!! I knew John had it in him. But I too, am wondering about John's obsession with Rodney. He is a bit possessive. What is up with his past that has created this attachment disorder? Not that i mind. I would love to have Shepppard attached to me. Can't wait to see what kind of retribution is in store. I agree with Elizabeth--I wouldn't want to be the counsellor.

Author's Response: Oh lord, John's past. I think I'm going to have to explore that in another fic cause there's just no way I can fit that all here. It's take me another six months to write and you all would lynch me! :) Maybe a sequel someday. *wink*
Reviewer: Linda (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 2:26 am
Yipee! You updated! This is one of my favorite stories, and you actually restore my faith that WIP's will be completed. This was a great chapter. I'm glad Rodney finally realized that John is obsessively attached to him. And I loved your description of John returning to sanity. I can't wait for the next part.

Author's Response: I glad you like it so much! It's always so flattering when people tell me Second Fiddle is a fave. I'll try not to keep everyone waiting so long this time.
Reviewer: slash_whore27 (Anonymous)
22 Jun 2006 2:12 am
Yes! You've updated! Words cannot describe how happy that made me. You still have to fix John and Rodney, but I really liked the reaction to Rodney's death and Rodney's concerns about John's love for him. Those should definitely be some interesting sessions with Heightmeyer. :)

Author's Response: I do have to fix John and Rodney. wouldn't happen to know how I should do that, would you? :) Just kidding! I have some ideas. We'll all have to wait and see what happens.
Reviewer: Akro (Anonymous)
17 Jun 2006 7:37 pm
Well, well, well...there's a chapter! And it's, like, a looong chapter with miserable!John *whacks CrayonEater over the head for inspiring that* Now, school is over, and I actually have time to stare balnkly at the PC until you update, you actually have to update! I'm just waiting for chappie eleven to pop up, and really, it's quite pathetic *gives up being polite* UPDATE WOMAN!!!!!!

Author's Response: Heh. Channeling your inner Rodney I see? :) I'm almost done. Seriously, chapter 11 should be in my beta's hands either tonight or tomorrow barring any unforseen disasters. Like the thunderstorm that might come tonight and knock out all the power. But soon! I promise!
Reviewer: slash_whore27 (Anonymous)
15 Jun 2006 2:39 am
*waiting on the edge of my seat for the next chapter* Please say it's coming soon. :)

Author's Response: It is. Almost done, just two more scenes to go. I swear it. :)
Reviewer: Caro (Anonymous)
12 Jun 2006 7:43 pm
Oh my God, how long are you going to torture us like this????? In the name of heaven update, I can't bear to think of Sheppard in that state, please fix it!!!!

Author's Response: Hey there. Yeah, I know, I'm sorry. I'm having a little trouble making it all work the way I want it to. I am working on it though, I promise!
Reviewer: Maria (Anonymous)
23 May 2006 12:11 pm
AGGGGGGHHH! Wow. Just wow. This story was so insanely incredible, and how dare you for leaving it at a cliffhanger like that. Jebus. Characterization was incredible. Rodney was so Rodney, and John's neediness, angstiness and posessiveness were endearing and worked for him perfectly. Your OCs were incredible, especially Sophie. The only thing I could think to suggest would be more Carson, but you have him in this last chapter, and hopefully we'll see more of him later on (wink, wink :-D). The plot is awesome, especially in that it moves along so that it's like we're seeing multiple episodes. Just really cool. This is such an amazing story, and I really can't wait to read more. I'll be checking back a lot! ^_^

Author's Response: Wow, incredible review. :) I appreciate your enthusiasm, and Ialways love to have new readers. Everyone wants more Carson, which terrifies me 'cause I'm not sure I can get him right. I'll try though!
Reviewer: Haggy (Signed)
22 May 2006 6:48 am
Oh my word! I've read myself practically blind page after page of this story. The turmoil and missed cue's on both sides making me want to scream and shout are you two blind or just increadably stupid? until I was hoarse. And just when it seemed I was going to be able to calm myself down!!!!! argh!!!! it all comes apart again. Great angst. Way to go you :)

Author's Response: Heh. Thanks! They are a little socially retarded aren't they? Oh well, we love them anyways. More on the way!