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Reviewer: Leah (Anonymous)
20 Jan 2006 7:06 am
Didn't cry, but I was moved nonetheless. John's pain is palpable. About the gate thing--Rodney really doesn't know the address for the Alpha site? Because they have one in canon. But if he really doesn't, I'm not sure why he doesn't just keep opening the gate, every ten minutes or every five minutes or whatever, until Atlantis sends a MALP to find out who the hell keeps dialing them. After all, not *that* many people know the city's address, not to mention that at least some of them would believe the city had been destroyed.

Author's Response: somebody said that atlantis can't see who's dialing in anyway. i'm going with that one, but i'll see if i can fit it somewhere into the next part, just to be on the safe side. thanks for reviewing!
Day Eight
Reviewer: Chaps1870 (Anonymous)
20 Jan 2006 7:05 am
Not much to say other than WOW! That was so intensly emotional and yet you got every one of them perfectly.

Author's Response: thank you!
Day Eight
Reviewer: Kath (Anonymous)
20 Jan 2006 6:47 am
When someone tells me that they're trying to make me cry, I inevitably and instinctively refuse. But damned if I'm not bawling now. More! More! And somebody hug Carson! If I were Rodney, and desperate, I might dial Atlantis and hurl little rocks at the shield in the Morse code for SOS. Of course, if I were Rodney, I'd be much too engaged in hugging myself to venture out.

Author's Response: well. if i were rodney, i'd be dead by now. :(
Day Eight
Reviewer: mckaysgenius (Anonymous)
20 Jan 2006 4:44 am
Rodney's dying--AAARg! I can't wait to see what comes next.

Author's Response: why, the funeral, of course. ;p
Day Five
Reviewer: Lexstar (Anonymous)
19 Jan 2006 6:44 pm
Loving this, it's so moving. When you write this well I find it hard to mind at all about a reinvented Wraith Dart! Any idea how many parts there will be to this wonderful story?

Author's Response: i'm going for sixteen right now. :)
Day Five
Reviewer: angw (Signed)
19 Jan 2006 6:51 am
Oh so sad. Rodney reliving all the horrors and they are reminiscing on Atlantis. Never the twain shall meet at this rate. Don't die Rodney....... Great chapter! Green is good. Ha that's really scientific :D

Author's Response: trial and error, i say. *g* and yeah, the reunion is going to take a while. if the characters don't go on strike again halfway through the story. :)
Day Five
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
19 Jan 2006 5:42 am
Jesus Christ, you're demolishing my heart here. Where the hell's the light at the end of the Suffering Tunnel here?! *waves hand imperiously* Hello! Brilliant scientist needing rescue any day now! *snort* Sorry, my inner McKay'stotally pissy tonight. *chuckle* So I wonder how far from the 'Gate the downed Mark 2 Dart is? (And yuppers, I noticed the new Dart design, figured it was a clever writer's own creation. See? I have faith in your imagination!) Is it close enough that Rodney could activate the dialing device in the Dart? Maybe rig the comm to send out a distress signal to Atlantis? Is Rodney even strong enough to do that?! More soon? Please? ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: yes, well, first thank you for thinking i know what i'm doing (i try). ;) as for the rest, i guess you'll just have to wait, yes? *g*
Day Five
Reviewer: Kaat ShadowLover (Anonymous)
19 Jan 2006 5:18 am
This is actually a review of your cool little author's note. Don't worry about not having anyone investigate the unknown dialing. They can't. Stargate technology (so far) has revealed no way to know where an incoming wormhole comes from until someone radios through. This was firmly established in SG-1 and has never been contradicted in Atlantis, even with all te cool Ancient toys they get to play with Some fanfics try to invent "caller ID" systems, but they're not canon. So no investigation makes perfect sense.

Author's Response: ah. well, that's one less mistake to worry about. thank you very much for this! and wow, cool little author's note? *beams* thanks!
Day Five
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
18 Jan 2006 11:36 pm
Oh, this was very sad. First we see Rodney's terrible childhood, then we see the very bad state he's in now, and it all gets topped off with evil Russian rebel torturers! And he called for John too *sniffles*. How much more can he possible withstand? I can't wait to see how he gets out of this. I loved all the memorials being left and wonder what Rodney will make of them when he gets back. Also, what will he make of John appropriating his room? I was really glad John told Elizabeth about his feelings, I was worried that if he kept it secret much longer he really would go crazy :(. And now she'll know to keep an eye on him. Loved his and Radek's reminiscings too. Can't wait to see where John goes next. Laura.

Author's Response:

Author's Response: rodney: i think the show doesn't really develop the characters that much, which is actually kind of sad. on the other hand, it gives fanfic writers enough creative freedom to make up stuff like this. i'm also looking forward to his reaction once he realizes how many people actually LIKE him. it should be fun to write. john: he had to break some time, i just didn't expect it to be so soon, if i'm honest. but i guess that doesn't necessarily make him emotionally stable. or maybe i'm just plain evil.
Day Five
Reviewer: starfox (Anonymous)
18 Jan 2006 10:04 pm
and you kill us a little more with the angst and the pain, and I love it.

Author's Response: i really, really hope i won't kill you with the next part. if you liked this, you'll love that one. :)
Day Five
Reviewer: Ajay (Anonymous)
18 Jan 2006 6:04 pm
So in love with this story. Please don't stop. The back ground for Rodney is exelent. More please. Thank you Ajay

Author's Response: i'm trying to give the characters more depth to work with, so they are more believable. glad it works. :)
Day Five
Reviewer: seekergeek (Anonymous)
18 Jan 2006 4:21 pm
Okay, now you've got me blubbering and I know he's not dead yet. Good writing.

Author's Response: thank you. i really hope you'll like the next part. :)
Day Five
Reviewer: gorgon (Anonymous)
18 Jan 2006 3:01 pm
I love the emotion, and poor Rodney is now hallucinating! BTW- what happened to day 4, if this was day 5?

Author's Response: thank you very much for your review! to answer your question, i'll make the gaps between the chapters larger with each post. writing every single day would make this an epic i'm just not prepared to write. it's going to have 16 parts as it is. the next one will be day eight.
Day Five
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
18 Jan 2006 2:17 pm
Excellent chapter! Wow, Rodney's childhood :( Poor kid! Awesome job on that! Very dramatic and sad :( and the way you described his worsening physical condition and his hallucinations, brilliant! Him being tortured in Russia, stroke of genius *bg* And John and Radek's conversation was very in-character and sweet and I just can't say enough about this chapter :D More please! Oh and about the dart, it didn't bother me, I assumed it was a different model ;)

Author's Response: thank you very much, keep flattering me. ;p and thanks for being so, um, understanding.
Day Five
Reviewer: Pranksta (Signed)
18 Jan 2006 12:35 pm
You can use all the artistic liscence you want as long as you keep writing so beautifully :) What a great chapter!

Author's Response: thank you very much! but i try to stay close to, um, "reality". emphasis on try. *g*
Day Five
Reviewer: Kerensa (Signed)
18 Jan 2006 8:36 am
Oh, you made me cry. That is so sweet, everyone leaving presents for Rodney. I especially liked the little carved laptop and Radek's small generator. I hope they find Rodney soon and don't worry, we all know that the show hides things like these new and improved darts until they need them. And poor Rodney. I hope he didn't actually have to live with that horrible grandmother, but knowing his lousy luck, I'm sure he did.

Author's Response: and again, thank you. :)
Day Five
Reviewer: Kerensa (Signed)
18 Jan 2006 8:34 am
Oh, you made me cry. That is so sweet, everyone leaving presents for Rodney. I especially liked the little carved laptop and Radek's small generator. I hope they find Rodney soon and don't worry, we all know that the show hides things like these new and improved darts until they need them. And poor Rodney. I hope he didn't actually have to live with that horrible grandmother, but knowing his lousy luck, I'm sure he did.

Author's Response: yeah, he did. that might actually explain a few things, i guess. and i thought it might be a nice touch if people tried to say goodbye somehow, because rodney did leave quite an impact.
Day Five
Reviewer: Kath (Anonymous)
18 Jan 2006 8:30 am
Guh. This remains moving and suspenseful and wonderful. And did I mention suspenseful? We are good, mistress, give us the next chapter, mistress!

Author's Response: kneel, and i will think about it. ;p
Day Five
Reviewer: (Anonymous)
14 Jan 2006 9:58 am
Loving this - but you are so cruel to leave it there! Very engrossing.

Author's Response: what can i say? i'm not a nice person. thank you very much for your review!
Day Three
Reviewer: gfpc (Anonymous)
13 Jan 2006 8:07 pm
Wow, what a great story! I love John's epiphany on the rock. His despair is tangible. And Rodney's determination to get to the Gate...I hope Rodney gets home soon, 'cause the tension is killing me!

Author's Response: um, since this is going to be a little longer, please tell your folks not to sue me in case of spontaneous combustions or anything. ;)
Day Three