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Reviewer: seekergeek (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 8:57 pm
This is the most fabulous angst-a-thon. Thanks for two more chapters!

Author's Response: thank you! i'm thinking of renaming myself lavvyangst. ;)
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 7:30 pm
Even if I said it before, it wants saying again: awesome chapter!

Author's Response: thank you! *beams*
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Four, pt. 1/2
Reviewer: kbk (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 6:05 pm
ohhhhhhh! oh, boys! *pushes them at each other and tells them to damn well talk/kiss/etc already!* I like, I like, and I think everyone else's reactions down just right, and. yes yes yes. I like so much.

Author's Response: *laughs* okay. thank you. :)
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: mangst (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 4:35 pm
This farce ends tonight. He knocked. AAAArrrgggghhh! Ending it there was slamming my brain into a wall at 50 miles an hour. I was not ready for the sudden stop. Plese let John just SAY it. Please. And if you've got me this hyper about it, you must be doing a great job with this story. Thanks for posting. :)

Author's Response: heh. thank you very much, and "this story ends this week". ;)
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 4:12 pm
Ok, makes sense and I'd forgotten you'd explained it: first he's too delirious to think of any place else to dial and then he just doesn't know any addresses (well, except for that one). I kind of thought it might be that but it seemed too obvious. ;)

Author's Response: i'm queen of the obvious and clich├ęd storylines. that should be rather clear by now. ;)
Day Eight
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 3:56 pm
So, on this second reading I feel inclined to ask, why couldn't Rodney dial somewhere other than Atlantis, somewhere that doesn't have a shield since the stargate clearly works and it's just his GDO that doesn't. Still, a great read anyway!

Author's Response: since you've already got that one, i'll just say "d'uh". ;)
Day Three
Reviewer: CrayonEater (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 3:45 pm
the only reason my inner two year old isn't on public display right now going NO NO NO NOT FAIR is because 1. I am considering an ending to this a reward for getting through finals and 2. I didn't think guys making out was awesome until I was 6. BUT REALLY. This is a country of the medically uninsured and you're putting us through TORTURE! Ok, so I guess love really is pain. GUH!

Author's Response: what do i care if you're medically uninsured? my country cares for its people. *grins broadly*
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: anoneemoose (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 2:30 pm
"Oh God cake!" - Yes Rodney, there is a Santa Claus. Best line ever, followed very closely by "Mmmm meat." Do you know what the worst line was? I suspect you do, "He knocked." ARGH. I'm glad you posted a double chapter, but damn you. You can't leave it like that, that's cruel and unusual punishment - wait not so unusual as you've been doing mean things like that almost every chapter. You know this story is going to kill me right? My head's going to explode, my brain can't handle all of this stress. The waiting period for the next chapter is going nag at me until my brain leaks out of my ears, and I'm just not prepared for that kind of mess. - This was a really good chapter even when it made my eyes get a little blurry and watery (allergies I tell you) as Rodney read the notes to him, a little more so when he watched John delivered his funeral address. And while I'm so glad John is no longer wearing his ass for a hat, the last sentence of the chapter makes you suck. Okay, enough praise, now get back to work. :)

Author's Response: oooookay. thanks for the praise, it sure was... different. ;)
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: annajo22 (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 12:03 pm
[ducks head in shame] I may have, um, forgotten to say, ya know ... thanks. For posting. Cause I, uh, kinda like this story. so. THANKS!!!

Author's Response: i noticed you've been getting kind of... caught up. *grins* thank you for that, it's a great compliment.
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: ANNAJO22 (Anonymous)
05 May 2006 12:00 pm
"He knocked." ARGH!!!!!!! This is where you stop??? I HATE YOU! Okay..I've been reading this all along. I get that you like cliffhangers. I do. I get that. Really. BUT COME ON!!!!!!! This is just cruel!!!! [whimpers] are some of the vocal reponses to reading his story. Shouts that may have been heard in the halls of my work: HUG HIM!!!! DO IT!! HUGS are can do one will notice...............READ IT!!! READ IT NOW!!!! Fine. Give the diary to me..I'LL read it!............TELL HIM! tellhimtellhimtellhim! [pokes head into story to whisper in John's ear..TELL HIM! okay, maybe not so much a whisper.]....."He knocked." [reaches into story and forces door open. Shoves John in. Glares at John. Glares at Rodney. Shouts "enough already! just tell him. Both of you. DO IT!!!!" {has the sense to blush at that last part...yet, stays to watch} HELLO-O-O-O! Waiting here.] This puddle of emotional mush has finished ranting. Are you still reading this? [stomps foot] Get back to writing! Rodney? Rodney open the door. Rodney???

Author's Response: *rofl* i might continue with the suspense for another five or so chapters just to read your reviews. ;D
Day One-Hundred and Forty-Four, pt. 2/2
Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
30 Apr 2006 7:27 am
awesome, hope they do find him!

Author's Response: thank you! :)
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Two
Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
30 Apr 2006 7:26 am
brilliant chap, cant wait to see what happens and if rodney finds out what john's be doin'!

Author's Response: oh, he will. rodney's nothing if not resourceful. ;)
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three
Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
30 Apr 2006 7:04 am
awesome, hope they do find him!

Author's Response: yep. ;)
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Two
Reviewer: mckaysgenius (Anonymous)
28 Apr 2006 4:25 am
Oh god oh god you posted. I love the drama and the angst. Rodney's total shock and awe and Sheppard's control when you know he wanted to rush him and sqeeze him. And the bedroom, the bedroom--Rodney's bed smells like John b/c it has been john's. Squeeeee!!

Author's Response: and with a little bit of luck, it will be john's again, reeeeeally soon. ;)
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three
Reviewer: Jay (Anonymous)
27 Apr 2006 10:13 am
Wow, 211 reviews. o_O That's awesome! You're really going for the top. Congrats. :-) So you outran your sister after all. *g* Must be bothering her. *lol* Her best shot was 183, but she's still at it, so beware. ;-) This chapter was great. All were great, but the reunion was just fluff. I liked it very much. I also like your Rodney in this fic. He's very strong, although he didn't seem to realise this himself. Not at all. First I thought that John was kind of OOC sometimes. How should I put this? Too weak. I remember Ford, and I wondered if it was just me and if he really might react that way if someone of his team would die. Now I'm not really sure. Maybe it was OOC, maybe not. *hm* It's kinda hard to tell, because he was really pissed too. *grins* Guess I'm just babbling again. So I'll stop this and just look forward to the next chapter. :-)

Author's Response: i'm over my competitive streak, so when she has more reviews than i do, i'll live with it. ;) as for john, i think he IS pretty ooc in this story, at least in the first few chapters. on the other hand: have you watched "aurora"? that face when the ancients blew themselves up, and it was just people he didn't even know - so i'm really not sure how he would react if somebody on his team really, actually died.
Day One.
Reviewer: angw (Anonymous)
27 Apr 2006 3:37 am
Reunions can be so bittersweet. I am happy that they have been reunited but there is still some healing to go. Great chapter.

Author's Response: thank you! and i hope i'll have them work it out in a believable manner. :)
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
27 Apr 2006 12:44 am
Excellent chapter. I liked that the angst hasn't stopped now that Rodney's home, just changed focus. I loved the reunion scene from both povs, seeing Rodney's conviction that he was hallucinating gradually give way to a sort of numb relief and how that mirrored John's own feelings. I liked Rodney's eventual return to his quarters and his shocked surprise at the mementoes on his desk. And then there was John; his joy at Rodney's safe return being swallowed up by his worry over what Rodney will think of him when he finds out about his breakdown and return to Earth etc. I had a feeling of malicious satisfaction at the guilty looks John received from all those who had doubted his resolve to find Rodney alive. I'm looking forward to more. How quickly will Rodney figure stuff out/get told about John? And what will he make of it? After all, John may be concerned that he's been pretty open about his love for Rodney, but we know Rodney's side too- the diary entries and the sketches. Can't wait to see what happens. Laura.

Author's Response: thank you as always for the elaborate review - it's always a joy to read. :) and i hope i can resolve all this to your satisfaction.
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three
Reviewer: kbk (Anonymous)
26 Apr 2006 9:31 pm
yay! they're back together, and (hopefully) on the way to *together* and. mmf. yay.

Author's Response: *lol* thank you!
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three
Reviewer: CrayonEater (Anonymous)
26 Apr 2006 5:40 pm
oh noes... the hot pilot that I've been doodling in my diary has been sleeping in my bed while I was gone. whatever shall I do? :))) I can't wait to see what the shrink thinks of this.

Author's Response: *rofl* that's one way to put it. horrible situation indeed. *laughs*
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three
Reviewer: annajo (Anonymous)
26 Apr 2006 3:21 pm
[wearing BIG stupid GRIN!!!] So excited I can't even think!!!! Like the rest of Atlantis, I'm feeling the shock and extacy of Rodney's return. {squeee} I keep thinking John's going to sneak back into Rodney's quaters just to make sure he's still there. Heck, I would! Very well done with this chapter. I loved it. This fic is the best! Thank you for writing it and sticking with it. Definately one I am saving! Take a Bow! [glances at soon 'til the next chapter? yes, we're a greedy bunch!] As always, Thank You! I'll be grinning all day!

Author's Response: *lol* next chapter will be up next week. and there's nothing wrong with being greedy. :) hey, who knows, maybe john DOES sneak back - but it's at night, so... *shrugs*
Day One-Hundred And Forty-Three