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Reviewer: Dr Ingram (Signed)
05 Mar 2005 12:00 pm
I have to say that i can Elizabeth being with either Rodney or John. But i think that it would be better if she was with Rodney. I agree with the previuos review that their does some to be more flirting between John and Elizabeth. But then i do have to agree that their tension does come from the question of leadership.
The Joke's On Us
Reviewer: Katherine (Anonymous)
26 Jan 2005 6:52 pm
This is a very good story and I think that Rodney and Elizabeth are good friends, but it is so obvious she is meant to be with John. The chemistry between John and Liz is just more flirty in the episodes than Rodney and her.

Author's Response: Well I think that the John/Liz thing is more friends and tension betwen leaders and that Rodney/Liz are good friends with quite a possibility for more -I see more chemistry there. But really it's matter of interpretation, fanfic has something for everyone after all and I just prefer writing Mckay/Weir. Though there's a story I'm going to do soon that's Shep/Weir and McKay/Weir - just that one takes precedence over the other, it's an odd plot...
The Joke's On Us