Reviews For Close Encounters

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Reviewer: Aloe (Anonymous)
26 Jan 2007 11:53 am
I enjoyed this, really hot & well written, thanks for sharing
Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
06 Sep 2006 2:22 pm
I love it :)
Reviewer: Scruffy (Signed)
14 Apr 2006 5:19 am
This was so sweet and romantic. It gave me gooey feelings in my tummy ;)
Reviewer: raildog (Anonymous)
27 Feb 2006 9:28 am
Lovely. Just lovely.
Reviewer: Mistress Kat (Signed)
08 Jan 2006 1:34 pm
That was gorgeous. Really liked the gradual build-up and the little snippets of life. Excellent fic.
Reviewer: Ajay (Anonymous)
07 Jan 2006 8:07 pm
This is exelent.Loved both the charicters. Wonderful. Thank you Ajay
Reviewer: cjandre (Anonymous)
07 Jan 2006 7:44 am
Wonderfully perceptive and realistic. I have a huge amount of respect for anyone that can write a convincing McKay voice from John's point of view, while maintaining a very true to character John voice - and have blow jobs! Yay!
Reviewer: wisenboi (Anonymous)
07 Jan 2006 3:19 am
wow. amazing. simply amazing! I can't say more since everyone else before me has posted my feelings on this :)
Reviewer: Mighty K. (Anonymous)
07 Jan 2006 2:14 am
oh. *is dead* That was most beautiful. Thank you for making me LOVE John/Rodney just a little. (I am NOT a fan of slash) I LOVED how you made John *like* like Rodney. I can definitely say that this is how I would see the John/Rodney first time, if there ever was one on the show. You have made it so real. I loved how you showed John's slow realization of Rodney's and his feelings towards each other. Thank you for this wonderful piece. I think that this story should be on the list of every John/Rodney newbie, who's just warming up to the idea of slash. A perfect way to ease us newbies into the world of Shep/McKay. *loves you forever* *runs around LJ to pimp it to everyone*
Reviewer: ladyvyola (Anonymous)
07 Jan 2006 1:01 am
God, you are just as amazing as ever. Grown-ups acting like grown-ups and friends no matter what. Talk about a bullet-proof kink. I think I've got a crush on you.
Reviewer: Lyskan (Anonymous)
06 Jan 2006 11:28 pm
Awwwww *purrs* Yeah, everybody's always afraid when in a relationship but since they were made for each other it'll be okay. Very nice and enjoyable settings (;)), thank you very much for the good read :)
Reviewer: Joolz (Signed)
06 Jan 2006 10:32 pm
Ah, 'pressed together in a tight space' fic. One of my favorite types! Seriously. Should be more. Thanks for a lovely one. :)
Reviewer: Mystic (Anonymous)
06 Jan 2006 9:03 pm
Well done. Guess it wasn't a crush after all. Great read.
Reviewer: LouiseH (Anonymous)
06 Jan 2006 8:14 pm
I loved this story. I could honestly see the repeated incidents that necesstated the 'Close Encounters of Rodney' moments. It is *so* the way I picture what happens to them on the planets they visit. :)
Reviewer: Azar Darkstar (Signed)
06 Jan 2006 6:20 pm
"You know, I've never broken up with someone I'm not seeing before, but with you, I'm willing to make an exception." That was a really good line. It was kind of funny but in a sad way. If that even makes sense. It is amusing that nobody really noticed the change in their relationship. I guess the others just assumed they were together. Azar