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Reviewer: Dr_Dredd (Signed)
05 Jul 2005 12:59 am
Good one! Although personally, I think Carson let him off easy...
Luck Counts
Reviewer: phrenitis (Anonymous)
13 Feb 2005 7:54 am
Linked in from John_Elizabeth LJ comm... great story! Love the pace you set, and enjoyed the subtleness of character.
Finally, Silence
Reviewer: Jalabert (Anonymous)
12 Feb 2005 11:55 pm
Lovely series of little, important stories. You've captured these moments perfectly.
Finally, Silence
Reviewer: Rotem Shahar (Signed)
24 Jan 2005 5:08 am
You know, I never considered how McKay felt after that scene...I'm glad you brought that out!
What Was Necessary
Reviewer: Rotem Shahar (Signed)
24 Jan 2005 5:05 am
I can *so* see that conversation taking place like that. Absolutely wonderful! :D I'm glad that Beckett and Ford understand each other a bit better now :)
Luck Counts
Reviewer: Rotem Shahar (Signed)
24 Jan 2005 5:00 am
That was great. Especially seeing her feelings like that. Very awesome!
Reviewer: Rotem Shahar (Signed)
24 Jan 2005 4:59 am
I really enjoyed that. And Sheppard and Weir playing footsie is cute :)
Finally, Silence