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Reviewer: Azamiko (Signed)
06 May 2012 4:54 am
Totally awesome.
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Reviewer: Horridporrid (Anonymous)
10 Sep 2008 3:20 am
Wow! You really don't pull punches...and I love it! I love the complexity you've put into this "first contact." And I love the complexity of what happened to Rodney and John's involvement and how it all unfolded and how John remembered (that Denny's dream was so, so perfect).

Really, really enjoyable.
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Reviewer: cellia (Anonymous)
07 Jun 2008 12:09 am
Moka is one of my favorite SGA stories, and it's really sad that I haven't left a review until now. (It's just a little shot of darkness and bittersweet... just like the coffee. um.) In some ways, it feels like a perfect h/c fic, but it's more than that as well. (Though it really hits all my h/c buttons hard.)

Re-reading it, it was especially nice to see the original team again. Man, I've missed them. Everyone was awesome and so well-characterized, even if they didn't have a huge amount of "on screen" time. Teyla (usually pretty understanding of differences) being 100% hard line against Wraith worshipers. Elizabeth was wary, but smart about the decisions she made about the expedition (yup it *is* nothing but luck that that "no one's contracted an infection resistant to our antibiotics before now") and John's attempts to self-flagellate with a court martial.

And Zelenka! I loved the way Zelenka had Rodney's back even as they sniped at each other. His willingness to not comment to John about certain things, his (very kind) giving up of his moka pot to help John and Rodney mend their problems.

Re-reading, it's not as scary as it was the first time around. Probably because I know it'll all be ok in the end! The first time I read it, though, I remember the interspersed flashbacks really piling on the confusion and impending menace. (Not to mention John's very *creepy* dream.)

I also feel much more understanding of the decision to continue to trade with the Night People on a re-read. The first time, I was more caught up in John's pov and his hatred of the Night People (bound up with his own self-hated), gave me a much more emotional recoil away from Atlantis ever having anything to do with these people ever again.

Other random thoughts:

Favorite fundamental forces! :D

There was something really horribly invasive about John pulling down Rodney's scrubs. I can understand Zelenka's "you should go now." But this is also a part of the guilt John feels and that Rodney can forgive him is part of the fact that these guys will let each other past their boundaries.

The awkward hug and the ending! Kinda a perfect example of "show not tell" for showing the affection John and Rodney have for each other. The guilt and the forgiveness and the awkward hug and the absence of words.

Author's Response: Well, yeah -- doesn't everyone have a favorite fundamental force? (Thank you for such a thoughtful review!)
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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
24 May 2008 8:48 am
I can't believe this story..It's aeful the way the rest of the ppl just ignores what happened to Mckay and actually trades with those asses natives and YOU suck at writing..This story just pisses me off..So INHUMAN!!

Hopy you get raped and be ignored by ppl or family you care about and see how you feel, you stupid bitch!!

Author's Response: hrmmm. I understand your ip address has been banned, so this is an observation most likely to go forever unseen: still, if folks being mean to Rodney causes you this degree of distress, you're probably better off not roaming Wraithbait unsupervised.
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Reviewer: Kirinin (Anonymous)
18 May 2008 4:53 am
Ouch. That stings!

The only thing I find hard to believe is what John finds hard to believe: that Rodney forgives him so quickly. I think that, even if Rodney were to be logical, and able to intellectually admit that John had no idea what he was doing, it's harder than you've conveyed to let these things go, emotionally.

Still - the taste of coffee - which I imagine would turn both Rodney's and John's stomach, by this time - and the horrid violence of it all, even in a people who don't mean Rodney lasting harm - the refusal of the fruit taken as volunteering for torture - this is well put-together.

Thank you!


Author's Response: Smiling; obviously I disagree since that's the way I wrote it.rnrnI appreciate your taking the time to share your reaction.
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Reviewer: Amanda Beckett (Signed)
28 Apr 2008 11:16 am
OMG................................................................................................... Amazing and sad and totally awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks so very much.
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Reviewer: GBaby (Signed)
26 Mar 2007 7:50 pm
*whisper* Meanie! *hug* I will forever think of this fanfiction everytime I fetch myself a cup of coffee - and each time I will smile :) Yours GB

Author's Response: So as long as you're smiling, it's OK.
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Reviewer: wiccan10 (Anonymous)
26 Feb 2007 10:25 pm
Wow, this was so well done.Really believeable and in character.I love the ending as well.Thank You!
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Reviewer: katherine (Anonymous)
09 Nov 2006 6:25 pm
Wow ... *flails around wordlessly* Your timing on this was fantastic. As a reader, I experienced the same dawning realization and horror that John did. Great slow reveal, and resolution. Thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Very cool! I had fun putting this story together.
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Reviewer: Carniolica (Anonymous)
03 Oct 2006 7:15 am
Creepy, heartbreaking and just so, so good. Your handling of the suspense was wonderful and all the characters beautifully drawn. Best Rodney I've read in ages. Write lots more, please.

Author's Response: Thank you! so glad you enjoyed.
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Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
18 Aug 2006 6:51 pm
Ouch. Good story :)

Author's Response: Glad you liked!
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Reviewer: runtotorun (Anonymous)
16 Jul 2006 4:36 pm
Moka is one of the most interesting and unsettling stories I've read, and I mean unsettling in a very good way. The characterizations and dialog are wonderful and the story's twist (vampires - *shudder*) was such a neat surprise. John's emotional turmoil was so incredibly touching, but the strongest thought I came away from this story with was Rodney's ability to forgive. In fact the way that Rodney forgave John even DURING the assault was enough to color my entire day. I'm a big McShep slash fan and a lover of the John & Rodney show in general, but this single moment and the final paragraph was just achingly emotional for me. So, thank you for that!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, those were the moments for me that made the story worth writing.
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Reviewer: duff (Anonymous)
11 Jul 2006 6:34 pm
Serendipity. This morning when I brought up Wraithbait it was on your page. I was very impressed with your story. I am not a great fan of slash, but your story would work even without that relationship. I fully understand that Rodney would not blame John, because he knows that he was not responsible. Yet I still feel that he would have some PTSD aftersuch a horrific experience, part of which was suffered at the hands of a dear friend. Intellectually it is possible to know, but emotionally it is still devastating. Thank you for sharing your talent. I look forward to reading more of your work. I will be haunted by this story for a while.

Author's Response: Ah, lucky for me too, getting such a generous review. Thank you!
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Reviewer: enodemon (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 12:37 pm
cool. i would like to say you know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff (cofee and physics and exotic anthropology.... i must say i admired that. and you seem to know some about writting too, building a story beautifuly. all in in all i like, but rodney should have complained more. he is smart but also quite keen on his survivial and a hiperactive hipochondriac. but bottom line, good story!

Author's Response: Ah, sorry Rodney was too stoic for you. Thanks for the review.
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Reviewer: fashes (Signed)
14 Mar 2006 12:09 pm
God the hot. The dark bloody hot. I am so full of yes and knife ridged bruises. John hovering over Rodney *shudders* God so hot. So *divine* *leers in the altars general direction*

Author's Response: Heh. OK. Well, leer away, then.
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Reviewer: Mute Cornett (Anonymous)
07 Mar 2006 10:46 pm
Oh my god. It's like it *should* be funny, because they find real coffee and it starts out like a crackfic, but then it gets really disturbing and horrific. This is a genius combination. Uh. Wow.

Author's Response: So glad it worked for you -- it was an enjoyable story to write.
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Reviewer: dossier (Anonymous)
05 Mar 2006 10:50 pm
Holy Coffee Beans, Batman! That's a helluva story. Brilliant, tangled, shocking, sexy, kinky, all woven together with a lovely straight foward prose that doesn't take any prisoners. Awesome, awesome story.

Author's Response: Hee! Many thanks for the review!
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Reviewer: saffy_ol (Anonymous)
28 Feb 2006 7:59 pm
This started off i don't know where. But i loved it. So sad and bittersweet at the end. Very touching.

Author's Response: Thank you - so, so glad you enjoyed.
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Reviewer: (Anonymous)
20 Feb 2006 11:47 pm
gulp. oh my god. i just... oh god. [clears throat and shakes herself] that was just... i don't know how u managed to make the first parts equally hilarious and creepy, well, at least until we find out what has been done to poor woobie rodney, where it is just plain creepy and aching. oh god, i'm totally incoherent here. at the end of the fic, i just stared at my screen stupidly. so brave my woobie, though i think that he's handling the whole thing too... easily i guess. after what he went through, which u described very very well, esp the parts with john, i don't understand how he can be so ok now. really. and it's just creepy. and *coffee* u made coffee creepy everyone drinking it, where they got it from a planet where other people and john were *drinking* rodney's blood. [shivers] true brilliance i tell u. and i had made this word doc with all the lines that made me laugh, grin or just plain freak out. ok here it goes: "The Night People were doing something appalling to him. John was trying in vain to taste maple, vanilla or hazelnut. Not very Rodney-like, John thought. He really wanted that coffee. Elizabeth looked pale. John felt pale. Night People were keeping a careful distance, but their voices sounded sympathetic to John. He could smell coffee, and wondered if Rodney would ask for any. But Rodney just closed his eyes and said, "Please don't touch me, Major." Rodney's determined smile got thin-lipped but ultimately held. No, Major, there are no midgets in the woods. "Watch out for the ones with teeth," John told him seriously. revealing a Wraith-white complexion. John could still hear him, now that he'd remembered, shouting for John save him. Rodney had been so frightened, convinced he was going to die. What the hell had been the matter with John? He must have been out of his mind, to watch Rodney methodically blooded and not done everything in his power to stop it." and i had really liked this line, thought it was cute and made me grin:"John was trying in vain to taste maple, vanilla or hazelnut. " and then the last line just left me... i don't know, the uncomfortable cousin of the word "uncomfortable", if that makes sense. truly, wow. want to rec it so high, if only i had a rec page. i am truly awed here.

Author's Response: I'm still grinning at your ... *enthusiastic* response. As before, thanks for taking the time to let me know what you thought!
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Reviewer: shinra_lackey (Anonymous)
15 Feb 2006 9:36 pm
Hi, I got recommended to read your story from svmadelyn over in lj. I just wante dto tell you how fantastic I found it. I love John and Rodney's interaction and how desperate yet forgiving Rodney sounded at the end when John couldn't stop himself from participating. Your characterization of Rodney was great too, when he was so happy over the coffee. Great piece and thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad you enjoyed!
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