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Reviewer: (Anonymous)
21 Jan 2006 1:02 am
*does the dance of joy* Yes! I was sooo happy to open my f-list and find this story waiting for me :D Once again, another beautiful story about John and Rodney's less-than-perfect marital life, what with the aliens and the almost dying and all. I loved Hermiod in this! The guy screaming 'don't probe me!' had me in fits of laughter. I always love any references to Star Wars or Star Trek in fics, but the 'Han Solo' comment was perfect. Kind of makes Rodney Leia at Jabba the Hutt's, huh? I wanted to kick Caldwell's ass, as usual. Maybe Rodney can slip him some cookies. As always, wonderful and involving character development. I look forward to more with absolute glee.