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Reviewer: Emely Raines (Signed)
20 Feb 2006 3:23 am
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG..... I was absolutely hopping around my apartment chanting, "Anya's on Atlantis!" OMG, it's great, absolutely hilarious! She's spot on... and dear GOD! poor Rodney having to help out Kavanaugh... and then trying to decide what to wish for... ALL with sex on the brain!!!!

Author's Response: Hee! Thank you so much; once I started it, the story practically wrote itself: great fun, and I'm glad that came through!
Physical Presence
Reviewer: Becketts_Lass (Signed)
24 Jan 2006 12:43 am
ANYA! Yep...that was my reaction...I was reading this and I was like, she sounds family..ANYA! OMG! I loved this!!! This is going right into my favorites!

Author's Response: Hee! So glad this was your reaction; I wanted to both make it a surprise yet convey her voice. Thank you for this lovely bit of feedback!
Physical Presence
Reviewer: anyanka (Anonymous)
23 Jan 2006 10:31 pm
Loved it. Rodney and Anya would be the couple from hell if you were stuck with them for any length of time but I imagine they'd be oddly happy together. Well done. Would like to read a fic where someone wishes there were no Wraith and the wishverse was worse than the 'real' universe.

Author's Response: Rodney and Anya together would prove Sartre -- Hell Is Other People -- true, yes. *g* And I was thinking about having Rodney make a big wish like that, but it would've been not a vengeance wish but a far too positive one, although I agree that Anya could have twisted it the way you imagine...
Physical Presence