Reviews For Inevitable

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Reviewer: Alanna Smithee (Anonymous)
25 Jan 2006 9:46 am
Very, very haunting story. And totally believable.
Inevitable (1/1)
Reviewer: obaona (Anonymous)
25 Jan 2006 12:41 am
Wow. I think I'm a bit stunned speechless. I find it believable, though, because when separated like that, people bond together and tend to view others as outsiders. I can see that as going pretty far for Atlantis depending on how Earth handled them. So, very cool fic exploring a really radical possibility. Thank you!
Inevitable (1/1)
Reviewer: angelwings (Signed)
24 Jan 2006 1:36 am
hey i really like it, shame every normal human died tho. still great fic. it would be a great way to end the series compleately wouldnt.
Inevitable (1/1)