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Reviewer: Port of Seas (Signed)
23 Jul 2006 1:11 am
Excellent story, it's so fun to see everyone during visits to Earth. I was thrilled to read that Carson and I have the SAME eating habits! It was a true, cute, feel-good fic.
Comfort Food
Reviewer: The Huntress (Signed)
27 Jan 2006 12:58 pm
Perfect! I could see them doing this for their last meal on Earth LOL...who needs fancy stuff when you can have a Big Mac and salty fries? And yes, Oreo's, I'm sure, would become a hot trading commodity once they were introduced to Pegasus ...thanks for sharing it....
Comfort Food
Reviewer: Dr_Dredd (Signed)
27 Jan 2006 3:18 am
Hmmm... When I was about to bang my head against the wall I went for the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. But I can definitely see the allure of the Oreos, too. Lovely fic!
Comfort Food
Reviewer: angelwings (Signed)
26 Jan 2006 11:50 pm
like it, like it. big macs dont have ketchup tho. well not in england they dont anyway! lol

Author's Response: They come with both ketchup and mustard in the US. And our sodas have ice in them ;)
Comfort Food
Reviewer: KatB (Anonymous)
26 Jan 2006 8:11 pm
Lovely story! And for me, it brought back happy memories of being stationed overseas years ago when there was no fast food in Europe! There were times I could almost *taste* McD's I wanted it so bad!
Comfort Food
Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
26 Jan 2006 6:44 pm
That was wonderfully sweet and real. Terrific story.

Author's Response: *hugs*
Comfort Food
Reviewer: mckayfan (Anonymous)
26 Jan 2006 5:52 pm
god i want a load of junk food now. Lovly team fic.
Comfort Food
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
26 Jan 2006 3:46 am
*snickersnort* I think it's something to do with all the chemicals, fat, and sodium that stimulates the speech center of the brain. *snerk* Wonderful little side escapade. ----}-@ Krys
Comfort Food