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Reviewer: Soledad (Anonymous)
22 Apr 2006 6:31 pm
A "little" creepy? I don't even dare to ask what you consider *really* creepy. :) A very convincing story, with just the right pace.

Author's Response: Hi, Soledad! Thanks for the feedback. Yeap, just a little creepy. Hey, I grew up on Chuckie, Freddy, Michael and Jason. I can still hear the Friday the 13th music whenever I even *think* about going camping! Thanks for the review! I appreciate it. JJ
One and Only
Reviewer: Samara_Draven (Signed)
30 Jan 2006 10:15 am
Cute. I assume the forebearer is one of those iratus bugs like the one that attacked John? Passing on the care of the forebearer to the new adult was a nice touch. And you used the term infant in relation to the Wraith... oohh, creepy. *shivers delightfully.* I'm sick, I know.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it in all its creepiness! Yes, the Forebearer is an Iratus Bug. JJ
One and Only