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Reviewer: Jacobangel (Signed)
29 Apr 2006 11:48 pm
Geez, me and my scatter-brained thinking... I already reviewed this story and pretty much said the same thing twice, lol. But the point remains: I love this story!

Author's Response: I'm glad to know that you still love it!
Chapter One
Reviewer: Jacobangel (Signed)
29 Apr 2006 11:46 pm
Awww! I never actually considered this pairing until reading this story. You definitely made it one of my favourites. Great story!

Author's Response: Thank you!
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: Cadao (Signed)
11 Apr 2006 9:51 pm
You are such a good writer; I could hear and see everything. Needless to say, I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: TLI (Anonymous)
10 Apr 2006 4:47 pm
Oh, wow!! Absolutely fantastic couple of chapters. The picnic scene with everyone there was very potent, saw all the details in my mind, and the little balcony sessions between Carson and Aiden... again with the wow. This was a beautifully executed story, thank you very much for sharing it! :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words and thank you for sticking with this long--very long--story.
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
10 Apr 2006 12:33 pm
Ahhhhh...What a lovely ending! Nice and happy and on the road to Carson and Ford living Happily ever after! Thanks for a great fic!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it!
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: Becketts_Lass (Signed)
09 Apr 2006 8:34 pm
OMG! I loved this entire series! Gah! So good...definitely going into my favorites!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was a bear to write but I'm very pleased with it and I'm so glad you enjoyed it.
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: Soon To Be World Renown Gracie (Anonymous)
09 Apr 2006 3:53 pm
Wonderful story! It made Ford/Beckett one of my favorite pairs!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy to have made a convert out of you. ;)
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: Soledad (Anonymous)
09 Apr 2006 2:59 pm
That was a sweet, happy ending. I like those. Although I'm sad to see this story come to an end.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Chapter Thirteen
Reviewer: Gabialexis (Anonymous)
08 Apr 2006 9:12 pm
"and suddenly they were kissing." Oh you evil, evil person. MORE ... please ... soon.

Author's Response: There's a happy ending in sight, very soon.
Chapter Twelve
Reviewer: Soledad (Anonymous)
08 Apr 2006 10:41 am
Awww, sweet! I knew they'd be reaching that phase eventually - well, I *hoped* they would, anyway. They more than deserve it. But Heightmeyer's actions reminded me again why I never went to see a shrink. I know she means it well, but she'd annoy the hell out of *me* as well.

Author's Response: Shrinks ARE annoying when you don't want to deal. But it's their job to push people (gently) past their resistance and get them to open up. And admit it--if you knew you could find a shrink who'd coax Carson Beckett to look after your needs, you'd so be there! ;)
Chapter Twelve
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
08 Apr 2006 5:39 am
OMG! I can not believe you left it like that! You are sooooooo evil! I know we aren't rushing to the smut, that Aiden has to recover and then they have to deal with their feelings but can't we have a bit o' smut? PLEASE! I'm dying here!!

Author's Response: Don't die! It's only fiction. ;) We're rapidly moving to the happy conclusion. It will, alas, be fairly smut-free, depending on your definition of smut. But I hope to make it worth your while, nonetheless.
Chapter Twelve
Reviewer: Soledad (Anonymous)
01 Apr 2006 11:43 am
I was so happy to see an update. :) This is one of the very few stories I print out every chapter of, to read it leisurely like a good book. The depth of characterization is amazing - the best proof that a story doesn't need big action or lots of smut to be exciting. (Not that I'd have anything against those, mind you, but they're not such a requirement some people seem to think.)

Author's Response: What a lovely comment to find! Thank you so much. I put a lot of effort into developing my characters and it's great to see them appreciated.
Chapter Eleven
Reviewer: TLI (Anonymous)
31 Mar 2006 10:07 pm
And another great chapter. I couldn't help but grin at the image of Rodney reading the riot act to all and sundry - go him! Definitely looking forward to the next chapter, and to seeing what happens when Johnson releases Aiden from the infirmary :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I find the idea of an enraged Rodney hilarious, too. I couldn't resist sticking that in.
Chapter Eleven
Reviewer: TLI (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2006 10:41 pm
I think I've been sat here for an easy two hours, ploughing my way through this. I say two hours, I honestly don't know... this is bloody fantastic so far, honestly don't know why I haven't read it before. I absolutely love the slow pace you've set here, the descriptions, narrative... aw hell, it's all great. Really enjoying watching Aiden's recovery, and even better I can believe what I'm reading... well, what else to say except I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this in the next chapters... ;)

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to write such lovely comments. :)
Chapter Ten
Reviewer: Soledad (Anonymous)
24 Mar 2006 1:36 pm
What I love most in this story - aside from the excellent characterization, that is - would be the pace, I think. So many writers do rush things to get to the juicy parts and thus make the entire story completely unbelievable. I appreciate how you take your time, making things move slowly. I don't mind waiting for the next update a little longer when I get such excellent quality in exchange. I'm looking forward to see how you'll solve the problem. Hopefully, we'll learn a bit more about the nuked Wraith laboratory, but if not, I can live with the loss. :)) Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words. It's great to know that my readers appreciate the effort I've put into making this story believable. I'm going to have to disappoint you on the nuked Wraith lab--it's history--but I do promise you a happy resolution. Thanks for the great comment!
Chapter Ten
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
24 Mar 2006 3:58 am
You have crafted an amazing story...the slow build up of Carson and Aiden's relationship, while dealing with the moral delimina and Aiden's condition. And let's not forget everyone else's reactions to Ford. GREAT JOB!!

Author's Response: Thank you! his story has been a labor of love and it's very gratifying to know that you're enjoying it.
Chapter Ten
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
11 Mar 2006 5:10 pm
I stayed up reading this til 3 am last night. I really really liked it. I would never have paired up Beckett and Ford but you did it in such a way that it seems so right. And then Ford's injury...great job! Can't wait for an update.

Author's Response: Just posted chapter 9 and saw this. I'm sorry that you lost sleep over my story, but I'm glad to hear that you were well entertained. Hope you continue to enjoy it.
Chapter Eight
Reviewer: Jacobangel (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2006 2:29 am
I had never really considered this pairing until recently... I have to say yours is the best story I've read so far; in this pairing and in fanfiction in general. It's really good, I look forward to each new chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! This is my first story with this pairing and it's actually surprised me how much I'm enjoying. I'm glad you like the story and hope it continues to entertain.
Chapter Seven
Reviewer: Soledad (Signed)
27 Feb 2006 1:15 pm
I like this story very much and am waiting impatiently for the next installment. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's just been posted!
Chapter Six
Reviewer: Waldo (Signed)
13 Feb 2006 2:20 am
You aren't writing/posting this nearly fast enough! I am totally absorbed in what's going on and how they're connected and what happened to Ford. You have so much rich detail and intricate plot... you really need to be posting much faster. :)

Author's Response: I'm trying for a post a week, but this story is rather complex. I find myself editing almost as much as writing. I could try skipping sleep, but I don't get nearly as much as I'd like now. Not to mention that my writing would really take a nosedive. Thank you for your kind words. It's great to know my efforts are appreciated--is somewhat impatiently. ;)
Chapter One