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Reviewer: Poppy (Anonymous)
12 Aug 2007 5:55 pm
The kiss was spo sensual. My favourite bit (no pun intended!) was when John gestured to the Vendi leader who then waved back enthusiastically, for some reason I found this histerically funny. Thank you so much.

Author's Response: I'm always thrilled to hear which small moments work for people. I like the Vendi as a concept - I really think it would be interesting to see more diverse alien worlds on the show. Thanks so much for commenting.
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Reviewer: Madison (Signed)
21 Jun 2007 4:00 am
Wow! What a terrific story. I loved the set-up and the descriptions of the negotiations on the various planets had me snickering with laughter. Then to have the story take a sudden serious turn...I felt like John, blindsided by Rodney's anger. Loved the part about John hiding from everyone and thinking he could settle for less because he couldn't really have what he wanted. beautifully done!

Author's Response: Thanks. This is one of my favourite stories, and I can't seem to write something all serious or all funny, so there's always a bit of a turn somewhere in my stuff. Glad it worked for you.
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Reviewer: diannelamerc (Signed)
03 Jun 2006 5:31 am
Love taking the "Aliens Made Them Do It" one step further and looking at how it could be left in place as an excuse. -- Plus: *hot*! ;-)

Author's Response: Thank you! I had to write at least one "aliens made them do it" story, I figured. *g*
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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
02 Feb 2006 7:06 pm
Hamina hamina hamina. Damn you write them so fucking well. ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Thank you! *G* That's just ... wow. *blushes*
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Reviewer: TLI (Anonymous)
02 Feb 2006 11:06 am
I think my favourite part was the planet-by-planet rundown of customs *snicker* The ending however, actually took my breath away. Amazing piece of writing, there.

Author's Response: Thank you! I loved writing the rituals, but I'm glad the ending worked for you. I hadn't written an NC-17 scene in a while, so it's good to know I haven't lost the touch.
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Reviewer: Leslie (Anonymous)
02 Feb 2006 10:19 am
You write SO well! I love all your stories. You craft them well, as another reviewer noted! You characterisations are particularly good and lovely that they are so understated. Makes the reader's identification with the characters that much more poignant. Thank you and I hope you write more like this one and your armoury story (Holding with Care?)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm definitely continuing to write in this fandom (and others). I'll try not to disappoint!
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Reviewer: Khyrra (Signed)
02 Feb 2006 9:20 am
That was funny in the beginning, then sad, then you moved right into hot, and blindsided me with beautiful. Thank you, the ending brought tears to my eyes. After practically feeling both their hearts breaking, I really needed that ending. Thanks again!

Author's Response: I'm always the girl with the happy ending! *g* It might be a rocky ride to get there, but they will in the end. Thanks for reading.
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Reviewer: LushBaby (Anonymous)
02 Feb 2006 3:18 am
Lovely, hot, passionate, funny, and angsty too! Everything one could ask for in a fic! Loved the symbolism of the dogtags for both men.

Author's Response: Thank you - dogtags are one of those hot button items that beg to be used. *g* So glad you liked.
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Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
02 Feb 2006 12:38 am
Guh. that was HOT! :D Loved it! LOL @ all the rituals heheh

Author's Response: Thank you. Writing the rituals was a blast.
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