Reviews For A Regency SGA Tale

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Reviewer: mckaysgenius (Anonymous)
03 Apr 2006 1:49 am
I thoroughly love this story and I get very excited to read your chapters as you post them. I loved the vulnerablility that you have given McKay and the ffeling of protectiveness (is that a word) that you have given to Sheppard. Can't wait for the next post.
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Reviewer: kalpurna (Anonymous)
03 Apr 2006 1:30 am
I'm really enjoying this! I've always loved well-done regency romance, and this is a perfect slashy version. Keep writing, please!
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Reviewer: ikswo (Signed)
03 Apr 2006 1:15 am
omg, this is great. please, take as much time as you need to get it perfect! (though, i wouldn't object to a sooner post either!). you're really setting everything up so well in this! i can't wait for the next chapter! kudos to you!
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Reviewer: maxieg (Signed)
02 Apr 2006 11:59 pm
This story is awesome!!!! Please please keep writing. I check everyday for this story!!!!!
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Reviewer: edna (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 11:44 pm
love it. brightening my day. but two things: where's elizabeth? (I likes the good doctor, i do) and when do we get to the good stuff, hot boy wise? Pleeeeeaaase can i have some more?
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Reviewer: Linda (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 11:30 pm
Great chapter. I love the way Rodney and John are both realizing their attraction to each other. And Rodney gets to work with Zelenaka on science projects. I am worried what will happen with his father and brother. Can't wait for the next chapter.
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Reviewer: chaps1870 (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 11:06 pm
oooo...making out. Pretty. I'm still here, waiting. Did I mention impatiently?
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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
02 Apr 2006 11:04 pm
And why do I have the sinking feeling that Warren McKay's gonna do something incredibly stupid like try to kill John? And that Rodney's self-defense lessons are gonna be put to the test sometime in the near future? Not to mention what if Warren and Kavanagh find out just how attached to Rodney John's become? Because I can so see those two bastards trying something underhanded... say, lacing food with lemon juice? Just to send a message to John. AUGH! Sweet! :) Sorry, I tend to be a devious wench at times... *BEG* Eagerly awaiting the next chapter! ----}-@

Author's Response: Yes! So much can go wrong **mwah, hah** :) But of course our intrepid heroes must prevail.
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Reviewer: Rayne (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 10:54 pm
yea!! The next chapter is here!! :) I enjoyed especially Rodney's reaction to leaving and the teasers for the upcoming chapters...I can't wait. :) thanks for sharing.
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Reviewer: Jane (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 10:24 pm
Please tell me its John and Rodney making out!!! aRRRRRRRGh....seriously bless his little heart actually both their little hearts. thank god they know they like each other.....but they just have to TELL each other...wahaaaaa *flials*
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Reviewer: Mice (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 9:40 pm
Let's hear it for nefarious plans. And making out. Definitely for making out.
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Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
02 Apr 2006 9:31 pm
Still a great story. And I'm just not sure if I want John to go through with his nefarious plans or not. eeee!
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Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
01 Apr 2006 5:46 pm
brillant chap!
10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: MysticalTis (Signed)
01 Apr 2006 5:32 pm
9 - Changes
Reviewer: mddintx (Anonymous)
29 Mar 2006 7:18 am
on the egde of my saet. can't wait till the next captor.
10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: Meggplant (Anonymous)
27 Mar 2006 10:01 pm
once again this fic is preempting a paper for school. but it's worth it! you write Rodney so well - the transition from shy and hurt to the outgoing McKay we all know and love is slow and steady, and you really evoke a wonderful image with his interactions with Ronon and John. i can't wait to see how John reacts to this suddenly uncertain and *emotionally* hurt Rodney - someone who now thinks his sanctuary is being ripped from him. can't wait for the next chapter my dear! xoxox

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you think the transformation of Rodney has been realistic and that you're enjoying the story :)
10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
27 Mar 2006 7:42 pm
awwww...poor Rodney. He's so happy being a geek, but he doesn't want to leave his (new) happy home. {{hugs Rodney}}

Author's Response: **smiles**
10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: Keelin (Signed)
27 Mar 2006 6:17 pm
Oh, this is sooo heartbreaking. The joy and glory, the chance for Rodney to show is genius. To proof his abilities. And then when he has his dreams fulfilled he realizes that it would mean to lose John. John who protected him against his Brother and Father. John who gave him the first friends and feeling of Home ~ever~. John who he has come secretly to love. If Rodney doesn't work for John anymore, how could he stay in his house? Why should John want him to? (Rodneys Fear) And there is also the reality of being alone. Rodney never took care of himself all alone. He lived in the McKay House, in the Sheppard house but never for his own. He doesn't know how to be on his own. Awww… Hope, really really hope they come to a agreement. That Rodney can work with Radek (I simply love how you have put him in this story) and live in Johns House. Its not impossible for Gentleman to live in one home if they are bachelors. Even in the Victorian time. Take Sherlock Holmes and John Watson for example. Beautiful story. I already wait for the next part.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm so glad you're enjoying it.
10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Anonymous)
27 Mar 2006 12:29 pm
What a dichotomy your Rodney is. Brilliant and fearless in math but timid and retiring in anything else. A social idiot savant? Anyway, I am having fun reading this.

Author's Response: Yep, that's Rodney. He's not so shy and retiring anymore, but this has taken him by surprise so he's backsliding. I'm glad you're enjoying the story :)
10 - Rodney meets Radek
Reviewer: anonymouse (Anonymous)
27 Mar 2006 9:22 am
Ah, another great chapter! Rodney all excited meeting his hero. Even if the math isn't real, you made it seem like it was. Poor Rodney, torn between wanting to continue meeting with Radek, but wanting to stay working for John. And why can't he have both? He can still live with John, can't he? Do his duties in the morning to "earn his keep" and have his pride in not living off of John's kindness, then meet with Radek in the afternoons. ----- OT: I was just in Hawaii at the end of Feb and I had 1 kinda sunny day out of 7. Although I missed the real rainy days which were the previous week, so that worked out. And at least it was in the 70's when the temperature back home was in the 40's, so that was great.

Author's Response: I'm glad the math part was okay **laugh**. This is one of the rainiest Hawaii springs we've had in years. I'm glad your vacation wasn't too wet :)
10 - Rodney meets Radek