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Reviewer: Monkey (Signed)
07 Mar 2006 2:12 pm
Another great chapter filled with all the funny snark, action and emotion of the previous chapters. Thanks so much. It will be interesting to see how Ford plays out. That enzyme makes him so unstable you never know where he is going.

Author's Response: Ford's instability is what makes him so fun to write, I think. I really haven't made out my mind exactly how he's going to play out, but I have an idea.
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
06 Mar 2006 11:00 pm
Hell yeah! Not only kick some Genii ass, but kill Kolya once and for all? Please? And I wonder who's gonna get whumped by the end of all this? ;) Eagerly awaiting more more more! ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Let's just say they should stock up on bandages as well as weapons.
Something Like That
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
12 Feb 2006 2:03 am
Dun dah DUN!!! Well, don't THAT suck major ass?! And well, at least Rodney got a god tumble in the hay for his efforts. I wonder... will Kolya do any torturing again this time? Guh, I hope not, or Jorah would slaughter him if she was able to. ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: I think what Kolya's doing certainly qualifies as mental torture, if not physical. But things are definitely going to get...interesting.
Bad Day at the Office
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
11 Feb 2006 3:59 pm
Whoa!! I am hoping that Jorrah is just acting like a double agent. Please don't Rodney's first Inter-Galactic lover be evil. LOL

Author's Response: *innocent whistle*
Bad Day at the Office
Reviewer: Monkey (Anonymous)
09 Feb 2006 7:02 pm
I have the silliest grin on my face! McKay got some!! YAY!! This fic is awesome, filled with a lot of tech speak I don't understand but seems real enough. I like the interaction between the characters. I can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Thank you! Poor Rodney...he just needed some hot alien action. And you'll have to forgive me for the technobabble - I grew up watching Star Trek TNG, the haven of all technobabble. Also, you won't have to wait long for more, the next chapter is finished and in beta, so it'll be updated soon. :)
No Argument Here
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
09 Feb 2006 5:41 am
*snicker* And if anyone gives Rodney shit about using protection, he can lazily wave a hand with the sharp reply of "I can pretty much assure you that the radiation exposure I've had in my lifetime guarantees I don't have to worry about mini-me's popping up. And hello! Certain death kind of gets the motor running!" "Ew, WTMFI, McKay." *smirk* This is an awesome story, m'dear. So can't wait to see what happens next! And YAY! Rodney for once gets some! *happy Snoopy dance* ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Yay! I think that's the longest review I've ever glad you liked it! And be happy for Rodney now, because the you-know-what doth hit the fan in the next chapter. *evil grin*
No Argument Here