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Reviewer: GBaby (Signed)
12 Mar 2007 11:56 am
LOVED IT!!! Ah, time travel can be such a wonderful thing, hopefully there will be one in the serial too.. even though it won´t be nearly as cool and sweet as yours :) YoursGB

Author's Response: Thanks, GB. There's a little time travel in the series but we haven't seen it recently. rn
Traces Through Time
Reviewer: girlgonemadd (Anonymous)
13 Feb 2006 2:08 am
Okay, I was disappointed to find out this story is complete as I'd really like to see what happens between John and Rodney next. I do like the way John was so caught up in everything that had happened to Rodney, as if living through it with him. Hope you write more.

Author's Response: Thank you! Sorry about the fact this is the end. It was written for a challenge so I had a deadline to meet. I'll definitely be writing more stories though.
Traces Through Time
Reviewer: kamelion (Anonymous)
12 Feb 2006 10:40 pm
Read this through the wraithbait feed but didn't leave a review. . .like this a lot!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know!
Traces Through Time
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
12 Feb 2006 8:12 am
Awwwww... dammit! Sex? *pouts* Wondrous job. ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: Thank you! Sorry about the sex thing. I promise: I'll write some outrageous NC-17 porn at some point.
Traces Through Time
Reviewer: Icarus (Signed)
12 Feb 2006 5:20 am
Oh, you didn't leave your email so I couldn't reply -- John's not sure how he feels about this. He's been so absorbed in what Rodney's been through that he hasn't had a chance to think. He's just glad Rodney's back.
Traces Through Time
Reviewer: Tracy (Anonymous)
12 Feb 2006 5:13 am
That was great! The plot was interesting and I enjoyed it. I was confused about one thing, though. Did John feel the same way about him? I might have missed it. I hope you continue this.

Author's Response: Aha! Now I figured out how to answer reviews. John's really not sure what he thinks. Hasn't had time to process it, he's been so abosorbed in reading Rodney's journal. They're not leaping into bed at this point, and John's not going to bring up anything touchy after what Rodney's been through. At the moment he's just glad Rodney's back.
Traces Through Time